Tuesday, 26 May 2015

One night at the Atlantis..

On one of our nights in Dubai we went out for dinner at Ronda Locatelli which is a great Italian restaurant at the Atlantis. The Atlantis Hotel is a true attraction in Dubai and there is always a lot of people stopping in front of the hotel to take pictures, etc so it is always adviceable to allow some extra time everytime you are passing or going there. Luckily our hotel the Waldorf Astoria is only about 5-10 min away by taxi so not really an issue for us. However since the Waldorf is located on Palm Jumeirah past the Atlantis everytime we were going out a night we had to pass the Atlantis it was always quite busy and chaotic and you could easily be stucked in traffic there for a little while. You might be familiar with Dubai and you probably know that taxi is the best way to move around as they are widely available anywhere and really cheap.
For the night I decided to wear an outfit inspired by my fav colour royal blue. The top is quite striking but I loved it from the first minute I saw it at H&M. I thought I have to get it to wear it in Dubai and it matches my Saint Laurent duffle bag so nicely. Well, that was just the perfect night to wear it! I paired it with my new Five white denim which are already one of my must-have for summer. White denim in summer is so chic and a truly essential piece in any fashionista's closet.. so anyone can have a Liz Hurley moment this summer.
Going back on our night we had a truly amazing dinner at Ronda Locatelli, we enjoyed our food and the service was also spot on. We will surely go back next time we are in Dubai.



Top: H&M
Sunglasses: CLAIRE'S
Shoes: KENZO

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