Thursday, 15 April 2021


Even in normal times, the long winter has a certain severity with it. That is why the desire for more lightness, freshness and new perspectives is particularly great this year. This energy can also be felt in the beauty world. Many innovations in skin care, fragrances and make-up are currently conquering the market and you will be able to discover them during the GLOBUS BEAUTY DAYS from 8th to 25th April 2021.



A composition of fresh petals of the night-scented tuberose,
Jasmine and timut pepper.
This personalized fragrance experience always smells new:
five Eaux de Parfum, which can be supplemented with five "Magnifying" essences.
This exciting, gender-free creation with notes of bergamot, tea, 
violet leaves and papyrus is intended to reflect our turbulent times.

SKIN CARE. Ultra-light textures, spring-like care.

SENSAI Dual Essence
Two-phase essence with vegetable oils and highly effective anti-aging properties.
Fragrance-free and energizing for an alert look.
LA MER Body Cream
Perfectly cared for and ready for the pool or beach

MAKE UP. From pale pink to fuchsia, pink tones provide a kick of freshness!

MAC Eyeshadow, Cherry Topped
NATURAGLACÉ blush, slim pink
HERMÈS lip brush, 84.90, universal lip liner

HAND CARE. Our troubled hands deserve a pampering program.

DIOR PRESTIGE, Crème Mains de Rose
HARNN Natural Sanitizer Spray
KURE BAZAAR nail polish, Caicos

Søstrene Grene: outdoor living 2021

 Søstrene Grene presents a selection of novelties for living outdoors in nature this Spring. There are seat cushions in charming colors, practical garden tools, flower pots as well as decorative bird houses and insect hotels to discover. Small, green sprouts are wonderful proof that a new season is just around the corner. So the outdoor life can begin with the novelties and classics from Søstrene Grene for the garden, the terrace and the balcony. True to tradition, the sisters' range includes both flower pots and planters, seat cushions in charming colors and practical tools for outdoor work, both for children and adults. The wood used for the tools is FSC® certified. There are also decorative ceramic birdhouses and beetle hotels run by the sisters, with which space can be created in the garden or on the balcony in order to provide a safe place for even the small creatures of nature. The table, which is covered with innovations, is transformed into a small place for 'hygge' in the open air. The fine colors combine wonderfully with the many shades of the garden and thus create a small living oasis in nature.

Image courtesy of Søstrene Grene

Earth Day - Starbucks Mission for a Better Planet

On April 22nd we celebrate International Earth Day. Even if Starbucks pursues its sustainability goals throughout the year, Earth Day is an important occasion to reflect on our own actions and to provide an outlook on the measures for a better future for our planet.

Our earth's resources are limited and must be used wisely. Sustainable action is our responsibility and obligation to our descendants and supports the health and viability of people, nature and the economy. That is why Starbucks' mission and values ​​are geared towards sustainability. From the beginning, Starbucks has strived to be a company that inspires people and their actions and brings them together through coffee to create a better future. Starbucks' vision is to continue to be a resource efficient company and to create a better future for its partners (employees) and the communities it serves. In this context, for example, Starbucks aims to reduce its carbon emissions and the waste that is generated in manufacturing and in stores that end up in landfills by 50% by 2030.

As Starbucks looks to the future, the company is focused on its quest to give more to the planet and help create a sustainable future for coffee growing communities. Starbucks is proud that it has already reached an important milestone and that 99% of its coffee is now sourced from ethically harmless purchases. The Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices, so-called fixed sustainability standards in the coffee industry, which were developed in cooperation with Conservation International, form an important cornerstone for this. When we talk about sustainable coffee, we mean that the supply of high-quality coffee is guaranteed. For this reason, Starbucks is a founding member of the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, the aim of which is to make coffee the world's first sustainable agricultural product. This achievement would provide a good livelihood for 25 million coffee farmers, cover the increasing demand for coffee and safeguard natural and environmental measures.

Starbucks has also been campaigning for a more conscious use of disposable cups for some time: to encourage the use of reusable cups, a discount of 80 cents is given in stores on every drink that is filled into a reusable cup.

Image courtesy of Starbucks

CARAN D'ACHE: The newborn of the Stylos 825 a pen made from wood chips


Caran d´Ache is expanding its collection of Stylos 825 pens and incorporating its new 825 Copeaux model into an ecological approach.

How ? Thanks to unprecedented design and technical innovation. Two years of research and development for unprecedented sustainable innovation. Composed of 60% natural and renewable materials, the body, the clip and the button of the 825 Copeaux are made from wood cellulose, to which are added chips for the body of the pen. Shavings from the cutting of colored pencils made by the Geneva manufacture.

Respectful of the environment, the 825 Copeaux illustrates Caran d´Ache's desire to give meaning to the word tomorrow. By combining Swiss quality and environmental values, the manufacture continues to place sustainability at the heart of its activity and its products.

Image courtesy of Caran D'Ache


By considering a wide range of skin tones and identifying universal shades, Rihanna wanted to create a natural skin tone with light coverage, easy to apply, which instantly evens out your complexion and gives a flattering effect.

Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint is perfect for "no makeup" makeup including QuickBlur moisturizing complex.

In addition to adapting to different skin types, Eaze Drop offers smooth, natural skin. Formulated with Quickblur Complex and Sodium Hyaluronate, it reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles creating a perfect smoothing effect while continuing to hydrate the skin. Say goodbye to the mask effect and clogging of pores and wrinkles!

Discover the 25 shades that are now available at the Sephora corners of Manor Geneva, Chavannes Center, Lausanne, Yverdon, Basel, Lugano, Spreitenbach, Zug, Berne, Zurich Shopville and in the Sephora stores of Balexert Geneva and Zurich Sihlcity as well as on www / sephora.


Images courtesy of SEPHORA

Wednesday, 14 April 2021


Sephora is delighted to present Innisfree, a Korean brand that was founded in 2000. Their products are all made with ingredients sourced from Jeju Island, a true Korean paradise and nature reserve. By conducting extensive research, Innisfree discovered 12 ingredients from the land, sea, water, trees and flowers of the island: the various Innisfree ranges were born.

The composition of their products, for the most part labeled "4free", are free of parabens, ethanols, bezophenone and artificial fragrances. The brand's dedication to the right ingredients represents its philosophy, which aims to deliver a form of healthy beauty through natural products.

nnisfree presents its hydrating gel-serum from the green tea range, the brand's signature ingredient. This hydration booster contains 16 minerals and amino acids that nourish the skin barrier for soft, smooth skin and a radiant complexion.

The Innisfree ranges associated with the different ingredients can also be found at Sephora.

Discover the brand's products which are now available at Sephora Balexert, Sephora Sihlcity and in the Sephora corners at Manor Genève, Vevey, Chavannes, Lausanne, Yverdon, Vésenaz, Bâle, Sion, Monthey, Emmen, Zurich Letzigrund, Chur, Lugano, Lucerne, Friborg, Aarau, Spreitenbach, Zurich Shopville, Winterthur, Pfäffikon, Zug, Bern and at


Image courtesy of Sephora

LUSH Mother's Day 2021

The new collection for Mother's Day by LUSH is full of fragrant surprises. It's time to say thank you to your superhero with some wonderful LUSH gifts. Trear whoever you call "mom" or see as the mother figure in your life with some bath bombs and bubble baths and show this person how much they mean to you on Mother's Day.

Rose Gold Bath Bomb

Relax in a shimmering sunset with this bath bomb. 
Orange and pink tones release soothing floral aromas 
from this exquisite scent ball.

Atom Heart Mother

Enjoy with this bath bomb the sight and smell
 of a summer day from sunrise to dusk and into the
 glorious warm night

Mother of Pearl

Give this bath pearl to your mom or a mother figure in your life. 
It creates a luxurious milk bath that smells of orchids.

Jasmine Cream

Elegant and flowery bubble bath with a creamy fondant filling. 
Jasmine and ylang-ylang waft through the air as 
delicate foam fills your tub.

Violet Cream

This purple bubble bath has a soft core that nourishes you. 
Lightening violet and bergamot bubbles envelop you in the lilac water

Mamma Mia Body Scrub

Mamma Mia shower scrub is back! Enjoy refreshing pink 
grapefruit puree, cleansing pink clay and exfoliating Himalayan rock salt 
How could you resist it?

Mum- Gift

Four floral delicacies for the bathtub, for everyone who deserves it.
Whoever you call "mom" or see as the mother figure in your life:
 these bath bombs and bubble baths show this
 person how much they mean to you on Mother's Day

Images courtesy of LUSH