Wednesday, 20 February 2019

ESPRIT Comfy and Confident Beach- and Bodywear

Too early to think about swimwear? Never! No matter which vacation vibe we choose this summer, ESPRIT has plenty of fresh, playful and colorful one piece suits, bikinis and beach dresses for the perfect mix-and-match game.
Lovers of unusual prints relax by the sea in tropical patterns, playful paisley and fruit prints on swimsuits, two-piece dresses and beach dresses.
Dots and stripes create a fifties retro charm at the pool, mesh details and graphic block stripes decorate the sporty variants of beachwear.

The Feelgood bodywear with a delicate lace or vintage polka dots fits snugly into feminine curves.

The best eyecreams for any issue!

Our eyes are so important but too often neglected. With busy lifes and lack of sleep it has never been more important to find an amazing eye cream! Especially to avoid looking like a ghost in the morning. However when it comes to eye creams one certainly doesn't fit all so it is important to find the right formula to target your issue. So whether you are looking to find the best eye cream to minimize the signs of ages, dark circles or puffiness here are some of the best eye creams and treatments around.

Wrinkle Filler Serum Eye & Lip Contour:
 Best for brightening

Combining Vectorised Micro-Collagen with Hyaluronic Acid
 and pearls this serum goes to fill wrinkles around the eyes and lips 
as well as brighten dark contours.
 Complexion definetely looks brighter and skin looks smoother and firmer.
The serum is ideal for all skin types has corrective pigments to illuminate
 the shadows and its cryo-applicator
 allows an ultra-cool massage and contributes to its smoothing effect.

THE BODY SHOP Vitamin E Eye Cream: Best for day use

This eye cream with vitamin E helps to reduce the appearance
 of fine lines as well as dark circles. 
The cream hydrates, smoothes and protect the delicate eye area. 
The formula with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and wheatgerm oil protects 
the delicate skin around the eye area reduces the appearance 
of fine lines, puffiness and also dark circles.
 Skin is left feeling soft and smooth.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Eye Mask: Best for tired eyes

Enriched with cucumber extract and plant stem cells this 
Bouncy Eye Mask give your eyes a powernap. It can also be used as an overnight mask to wake up to younger and fresher skin.
The formula is refreshing and non-sticky and also help to depuff 
bag under eyes and reduce signs of fatigue.

Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream: Best to regenerate

This eye cream helps support the skin's natural renewal process, 
smoothing and refining the delicate skin around the eyes. 
Skin is revitalized and also hydrated and the appearance 
of fine line and wrinkles are minimized.

Dr. Hauschka Eye Balm: Best for puffiness

This eye balm minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
 as well as protecting the delicate skin around the eyes. 
It is really nourishing and can be used also at night 
before going to bed to soothe and hydrate skin overnight.
This balm is great to soften eyelids and smooth puffy under eyes.

By Terrry Liftessence Eye Contour : Best for age-defying

This supercharged age-defying eye cream goes to smooth 
wrinkles as well as to counteract crepiness
 and fortify the fragile skin around the eyes.
 The creaam is packed with millions of ruby rose native cells that stimulate 
collagen synthesis and production of elastin to lift, tone and tighten skin.
The rich gel cream enhances microcirculation and diminish 
the appearance of bags and dark circles.
Eye countour look younger and well-rested.

BIODERMA Sensibio Eye Contour Gel:
Best for Sensitive skin

This daily anti-puffiness eye treatment is ideal for sensitive and intolerant skin.
This eye countour gel with decongesting, 
soothing and moisturizing properties thanks to Toleridine
 complex raises the the skin's tolerance threshold. 
Skin is more resistant and better protected against external attacks.
 The eye gel soothes the feeling of discomfort and irritation.

Monday, 18 February 2019

H&M reopens its Lausanne store following a renovation

On February 14 the, the recently renovated H&M store reopened at Rue du Pont in Lausanne following its closure due to flooding last summer. 

"We are delighted to be able to offer fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way to our Lausanne customers," says Doris Klein, Country Manager of H & M Switzerland. 
"As Lausanne is an important location for us, we have taken advantage of this renovation to make additional changes to allow us to offer an exceptional shopping experience."

The store had to be temporarily closed and renovated due to the damage caused by the floods of June 2018 that affected various building facilities and the general layout of the store. The renovation included a glazed facade on the second floor, maximizing the brightness and perception of the space.
The two floors now include lounge areas that invite visitors to rest. With the optimizations, the store offers the latest collections for teenagers on the second floor and even more trends and essential items for women and men. As for the children's collection, it is still available on the first floor of the H&M store at the Métropole 2000 centre.

KRUG x FISH a passionate relationship at Badrutt's Palace Hotel

When a highly motivated group of Krug chief ambassadors from around the world join together to break the culinary secrets of the depths of the oceans, it sounds like an expedition to the Amundsen or Kon Tiki. Indeed, the champagne experts have embarked on an adventure with a simple but bold idea: each piece of a vineyard is already in itself an ingredient, the combination of a Krug champagne with a single ingredient should simply be a sensory revelation! From this trip, under the banner of pure creativity a perfect combination was born: Krug X Fish with Nobu Matsuhisa's Omakase menu at Badrutt's Palace Hotel.

"At Krug, we consider taste experiences as something very personal, there is no good or bad way to taste our champagne, but given this special association with Nobu's Omakase menu, it is certainly, the selected cuvées enrich the general sensory experience. Krug 2000, our millennium vintage, was born after a chaotic and stormy climate season and is one of the most intense and spectacular vintages we have ever produced. Sashimi's own simplicity creates a delicious balance Krug Rosé is a champagne for bold culinary experiences and therefore the perfect partner for spicy dishes like the miso Nobu Black Cod.Its complex aromatic taste will reveal even more facets thanks to this champagne .. "- Oliver Krug

Krug X Fish at Matsuhisa at Badrutt's Palace Hotel can be booked until 24.2.2019. The Omakase menu with champagne is available from CHF 890.-

Friday, 15 February 2019

COLLISTAR Hydro-Patch Treatment Firming Lifting Bust

COLLISTAR Special Perfect Body Range presents the Hydro-Patch Treatment Firming Liting Bust.
A shock treatment that capitalizes on the efficiency of Hydrogel-Technology, an advanced technology consisting of a hydrogel enriched with a concentrated mix of active ingredients that are gradually released into the skin then through skin tissue. The patch works on firming and recompacting bust skin tissue thanks to a combination of plant Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and toning and anti-oxidant Ginko Biloba and Green tea extract. The formula is also enriched with moisturizing and soothing Aloe Vera extract. The patch is very easy to apply thanks to its special ergonomic shape specially designed to adapt to any bust.


DERCOS presents a nature-inspired hair care range with concentrated key ingredients that protect against the negative effects of exposome, for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. The products are all without silicone for a natural touch.

DETOX - Purifying - Oily hair - Shampoo - Conditioner - Dry shampoo
Formulated with a unique composition of natural cleansing ingredients, DETOX restores the balance of the scalp and oily hair caused by pollution. The hair is airy and shiny with health.

VITAMIN A.C.E. - Shine - Dull and tired hair - Shampoo - Conditioner
The Acai Berry Revitalizing Extract Formula and Moisturizing Aloe Vera Extract add shine and suppleness to dull, lifeless hair resulting from stress, fatigue and an unhealthy lifestyle.

NUTRI PROTEIN - Repairer - Dry hair - Shampoo - Mask
Formulated with naturally nourishing ingredients, the Nutri Protein line nourishes dry, damaged hair with a silky shine.

Thursday, 14 February 2019


Our modern life is governed by pressure, stress and willingness to want more and more without ever achieving any satisfaction. It's easy to forget what really matters. Our hair also undergoes the affronts of everyday life and see their vitality put to a severe test. Hair styling, product residues and environmental conditions wear out your hair and make less effective the nourishing active ingredients. With its new range of Repair & Detox treatments, John Frieda is going back to basics: hair care that make your hair lighter and prepares you to receive what they really need with no frills. The new Repair & Detox range deeply moisturizes dry, dull and damaged hair while eliminating product residues. In a first step, the detoxifying action of antioxidant-rich green tea gently cleans the hair, providing an ideal base for the repair and regeneration step of care with nourishing avocado oil. Goodbye dry, damaged and tired hair and welcome breathing healthy, flexible and shiny hair.
In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, the new John Frieda hair care range also includes a Care & Protect spray and a mask. The treatments complement perfectly for intense care and regeneration of hair, from shampoo to styling. The result: repaired, supple and radiantly healthy hair, protected from everyday aggression.
I tried the range and really liked it as a whole. The range is great for dry and stressed hair and creates the perfect foundation for visible repair and immediate regeneration.
I especially loved the Repair & Detox Mask, as my hair after use was noticeably softer, smoother and with a lovely scent. The Repair & Detox Care & Protect Spray is now one of my must-have product as it gives you heat protection while blowdrying or straightening hair but also strengthens and protects hair from breakage and split ends. Hair is easy to detangle and smells lovely.

The Repair & Detox Shampoo prepares the hair ideally for the next steps of the haircare system.It gently eliminates product residues, treats dry hair damaged with its nourishing active ingredients and instantly regenerates. The result healthy, silky and shiny hair.
The Repair & Detox Conditioner treats damaged hair with its moisturizing action and strengthens it to protect it from broken ends. The result: soft hair from the first application.
The intensely caring composition of the Repair & Detox mask nourishes the hair and immediately restores its vitality. Dull, lifeless hair regains its vigor. The result: intensely repaired hair, full of vitality, soft and shiny.
Repair & Detox Care & Protect spray strengthens the hair, provides thermal protection at the styling stage and protects against breakage and split ends. The spray deeply moisturizes the hair and detangles them gently. The result: soft hair and protected from daily aggressions. With thermal protection.

New Repair & Detox Range
is available at
Selected department stores