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SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL presents its Fall/ Winter 2017 Twisted Collection and six new exclusive products to go with.
Inspired by the treasures of the sea and created for the individual development of natural beauty with TWISTED  SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL breaks the dictate of smooth hair and sets a clear statement with boundless innovative power.
Driven by the instinct to discover something new Global Art Directors venture with TWISTED into the depths of the ocean. The creative result is a collection that focuses on wavy to curly hair for the first time in the history of SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL.
Fascinated by the elasticity, the ability to follow the play of the waves and to defy the forces of nature, SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL uses the unique mechanisms of intricate underwater plants - not just for the creation of new looks. The basis for the innovative TWISTED hair technology are the characteristic vital substances of the red algae. With the Flexi-Alg complex, a biological algae extract mix for tempting flexibility, long-lasting moisture and more bounce, SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL creates a new generation of liquid tools.

"The unspoilt nature of the sea and its boundless diversity have brought us right. The sea is beautiful, powerful and full of life - all of which is also known as TWISTED ", Global Art Director Shay Dempsey explains the inspiration behind the collection and the groundbreaking looks.

From organic haircuts and wetlook styling to exceptional creations and textures - the TWISTED looks reveal movement, volume and above all, extravagant curls and waves. This is TWISTED. This is what's next!

Achieve beautiful TWISTED Looks with the exclusive series consisting of six new products, which expands the range of SEBASTIAN PROFESSIONAL iconic products with a fifth line. Part of the Twisted collection are: Curl Elastic Cleanser Shampoo, Curl Elasting Detangler Conditioner, Curl Elastic Treatment Mask, Curl Magnifier Styling Cream, Curl Lifter Styling Foam and Curl Reviver Styling Spray.
The products will be available from August 2017 at your Sebastian Professional Salon.

Let's have a Glamglow party!

Glamglow was created back in 2010 by Glenn and Shannon Dellimore to cater for the stars of Hollywood. In 2011 Glamglow hit the stores and since then we all can get the Glamglow products that the Hollywood stars are so fond of.
Can't decide which Glamglow product is the one for you? Why not have a Glamglow party and in turn trying the different products from the range? I think it is great fun, a good way to try the products and exchange opinions on them!
Fight most skin concerns while perfecting your glow with Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment or get a 10 minutes facial in a jar with the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. In need of hydration? You will love Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment which will provide deep instant hydration. Indulge in a multi-sensory cleansing experience with Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment which uses the power of mud and oil to give you a deep cleanse. In search of that wonderful glow? Go for Flashmud Brightening Treatment which thanks to its powerful multi-brightening complex gives you luminous skin! If it is firmer skin you are looking for then go for Gravitymud Firming Treatment this peel-off mud will leave you with visibly firmer and more lifted skin!
Hello Sexy!

Curaprox launches its "Black is White" Chewing Gum

After the great success of the "Black is white " toothpaste, Curaprox is now launching a whitening chewing gum once again charcoal black. The chewing gum will not only help in whitening your teeth and give you fresh breath, but it also beneficial fo sensitive teeth.
The chewing gum with a fresh taste of lime and mint boasts a charcoal black colour and thanks to the activated carbon it eliminates staines without damaging the teeth enamel and all without using chemical subtances.

 "Activated carbon absorbs particles of dirt and staind as a kind of vacuum cleaner "
confirms Dr. Christoph Fiolka of Curaden.

It is the activated charcoal that gives the chewing gum its dark color. Another trendy detail:
the chewing gum bubbles are also black! The activating charcoal bleaching effect is supplemented by an optical means: a blue filter reduces yellow stains. Thus, the teeth appear to be much whiter, even without resorting to a chemical substance.

Black is White Chewing Gum
is available at
selected chemist's
and on 

Treaclemoon is now available in Switzerland!

Vegan care products from Treaclemoon are now available in Switzerland! The products bring joy and good mood in your bathroom!
Coconut Island, Ginger Morning or Raspberry Kiss? Choose your favourite from the Treaclemoon product offering. They not only have inspiring names but also fresh fragrances and creamy textures.
"Crazy, lovely, cheeky: just like you" is the slogan of the brand which was born in England in 2007.
The brand has since then impressed with its vegan care products such as shower gels, hand lotions and body lotions. Treaclemoon is against animal testing does not use any ingredients of animal origins. The products are also free of parabens and silicones.
Showering in the morning with "Ginger Morning" is a cure for bad mood. Or if you are a fan of Summery scent you will love "My Coconut Island" which will take you right on holiday mood. If you are a fruit lover you will fall in love with "The Raspberry Kiss" so sweet and delicious.
Treaclemoon products are available at Coop City and the assortment will be expanded continously according to the season.

L'Occitane Pivoine collection has some beautiful new additions for Summer!

L'Occitane Peony collection is certainly one of my favourite, thanks to their floral and generous fragrance the products from the collection are a pleasure for the body and senses.
There is even a Mediterranean legend of a beautiul nymph who was called Paeonia who was courted by the gods that a jealous goddess transformed into a flower with a thousand petals: a peony.
Well, now you can find some of these gorgeous petals in the new Pivoine Sublime Petal Cleansing Oil.
The oil is the latest addition to the Pivoine collection and it is infused with real peony petals from Provence, simply wonderful!
The petals are selected from the finest blooms of the season and the petals have been hand-picked at the height of theri beauty. They are then dried according to ancient method so that the petals keep their wonderful natural qualities.
This cleansing oil is truly fantastic, it really gives skin a deep clean while being gentle on the skin. The oil glides so well on skin thanks to its velvety texture and removes all impurities and makeup in one go!
Skin is cleaned, soft and hydrated. I also noticed my skin gets a nice healthy glow after use.
And to achieve that perfect and healthy complexion I suggest you to try also the new limited edition face masks also from the Pivoine line. Choose from: Pivoine Sublime Flash Moisture Mask, Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Overnight Mask and Pivoine Pure Purifying Minute Mask. 
Each one of the three face masks promises unique sensations and lots of benefits according to your skin's needs.
My favourite? The Pivoine Sublime Flash Moisture Mask! It has a rich and creamy texture and it really gives skin a boost of hydration. Skin is immediately quenched, nourished and soft. Complexion is definetely more radiant and with a nice glow. Take it with you on all your travels this summer, it is great to use after a long flight to nourish your skin!

Pivoine Sublime Flash Moisture Mask

Pivoine Sublime Overnight Perfecting Mask

Pivoine Pure Purifying Minute Mask

Pivoine Collection
is available at
L'Occitane Boutiques
and on

HOPPBOX the healthy way to snack!

Hoppbox is a Swiss snack service, launched in August 2016. This Geneva-based start-up, designs, manufactures and delivers delicious, healthy snacks in your home or office at regular intervals. Hoppbox makes snacking healthy, easy and fun.
Finally a healthy snack service to snack without that guilty feeling!

7 things that differentiate Hoppbox from other snacks:

  • The combinations of unique flavors with rare ingredients that you will not find anywhere else, such as physalis and sour cherries infused with apple juice
  • More than 40 different premium snacks regularly updated with new products
  • The snacks are designed by a nutritionist in order to be the recommended daily portion of fruits, low in calories, source of vitamins, essential minerals, protein, and fiber
  • Certified Fair Trade ingredients
  • GMO-free, flavors, artificial colors, palm oil or trans fatty acids
  • A social enterprise that collaborates with the Foyer Handicap Foundation where all snacks are prepared by hand
  • Without commitment, contracts or subscriptions and may be cancelled at any time

"I could not stand anymore the sweets from classic snacking, so I launched Hoppbox, to help people get a more Hopp life! Thanks to better health. "
Nick Richmond, Founder of Hoppbox, August 2016.

Hoppbox was created by Nick Richmond after his frustration at the lack of choice of healthy and tasty snacks at his office.
Disappointed to pay so much for poor quality food, he left his job at P & G and embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure. With the support of the association GENILEM and the Réseau Entreprendre Suisse Romande, the team has now grown.
 Now there are 3 people who are determined to help as many people as possible to smart snack throughout Switzerland.

HOPPBOX offering

A box with 4 different snacks from an assortment of more than 40 recipes sent to the address of your choice in Switzerland, every week or every 2 weeks, on Monday.

Business Services

To provide healthy snacks to companies looking for a boost of energy and productivity for their teams!
Small and large offices can benefit from this service: more than 30 varieties sent by mail, at a steady rate. Prices vary according to the quantity ordered.


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Pure seduction à la Fifty Shades of Grey for a sensual movie night !

Too hot to go out? Why not organize a seductive and sensual movie night in?
Love goes through your stomach. For the sequel of the movie "Fifty Shades of Gray" Christian also takes up this classic way of seduction and invites Anastasia for dinner. 
He is ready for anything to win her back and reveals her his darkest secrets while she is doing everything she can to forget him. The passion between the two ignites anew and this time there are no rules! 
It remains open whether it was Christian's seduction or his food choices who seduced her.
The fact is that certain foods have an aphrodisiac effect and stimulate more than just the appetite. 
With these ingredients you can create a tingling menu which arouses desire and passion and guarantees love at first bite!


The artichoke was already popular as an aphrodisiac in the 15th century and has since been known to have a pleasurable effect. Certain substances of the artichoke stimulate the release of estrogens, which in turn are responsible for a good blood flow.


Chili contains  oil capsaicin, which promotes blood circulation and stimulates the body through its hot taste. It is, therefore, in the truest sense of the word the hottest among the spices. 


It was not only because of its seductive sweetness that the fig was known as an aphrodisiac already among the ancient Greeks. Taste them plain  or drizzled with some honey.


Honey is particularly stimulant in men and vitamin B increases testosterone production.


Ginger is a true miracle under the medicinal plants as it stimulates blood circulation. This also has an effect on the sensitiveness of the sensitive areas of men and women.


Cocoa and the products that are extracted from it (for example, chocolate) contain the amino acid tryptophan, which contribute to potency enhancement. Another positive effect is the mood-lightening effect. Already the Aztecs knew about the stimulating effect of chocolate. It contains the perennial messenger phenylethylamine - which puts us in a state of happiness similar to love.


The intoxicating effect of nutmeg has been known since the 16th century. The erotic oil in the nut  which makes you feel more at the most beautiful side of the world.


This delicious herb is also associated with the love goddess Aphrodite and is intended to sharpen the gaze of men for female charms. It increases blood circulation and sensitivity.


Vanilla is regarded as particularly fortunate. It smells sweet and the smell resembles lustful pheromones, which provide the recipient with a pinch of sensuality.


The perfect ingredient for an intimate dinner for two, because the spice from dried rinds stimulates the production of pheromones and has a beneficial effect on blood flow.

My Dubai looks part one!

Herewith I am sharing some of the looks I wore in Dubai, starting with this one which I am particularly fond of. It's a full H&M look from the current summer collection, I fall in love with this jacket and its damascus print, it is so elegant and really elevates any outfit. The pants are 3/4 lenght with frills and they are not only very comfy but also oh so cute! As you might have noticed I also have the full lenght version of the same black pants, I just love the fabric and style. They can be worn down if worn with flats or dressed up if worn with heels. A metallic camisole top also from H&M completed my look with the magnificent Dubai skyline as background!

Jacket: H&M
Top: H&M
Pants: H&M
Sunglasses: MICHAEL KORS

MANHATTAN new Volume Shake Mascara

In Summer we like all things fresh don't we? Now we can keep fresh also our mascara! Manhattan new Volume Shake Mascara cointains a patented shaker which refreshes the formulation as needed. I don't know you but I am loving the idea of having a fresh mascara ready for use!
How does it work? Well, after ten yeard of research Manhattan is launching a mascara with a patent-pending formulation of a water-gel structure with the unique combination of water and wax.
 Thanks to the new shake system inside the mascara the texture becomes very creamy again after shaking.
You simply need to shake the mascara three to five times vertically and the texture mixes again while remaining fresh and preventing it from drying out. The Volume Shake Mascara thanks to its defining brush gives a beautiful fan of lashes all with maximum separation and from corner to corner.
This of course will ensure that you get wonderful volume but also a clump-free application and all with that fresh feeling that you usually can get only from a brand new mascara.

Ready for Summer with Made in Sephora!

Summer is officially here and Sephora is ready with a range of products from Made in Sephora with fresh textures, bold colours and holiday scents to make our summer a fantastic one. 
Be seduced by the new Bubble Bath and Shower Gel in new Summer fragrances such as Monoi Fever, Mango Tropics or Out at Sea and make your bath time a moment to remember with these gorgeous summer scents. These two-in-one cleansers make your skin really soft while leaving it ultra smooth. The packaging is also a stylish addition to any bathroom, just like the one of the new Hand washes available in the same scents as the Bubble Bath & Shower Gel. They are not only eye-catching but also have a clever formula which rinses off with ease and leave your hands clean and delicately scented.
And to care for your hands the new Moisturizing Hand Creams again in the same summery fragrances are not greasy, hydrating and practical to take everywhere! My favourite has to be the Tea Infusion, so fresh with a delicate green tea scent.
To make our skin go through the hot summer time Made in Sephora innovates with a range of products which give us strong sensations such as oils with hybrid textures and detoxifying foams such as the Moisturizing  Shower Oil. It makes our skin soft and supple thanks to its hybrid texture which turns into milk when rinsed and leaves no greasy residue on the skin.
I am loving also the new  Detoxifying Foam Cleanser which gets rid of impurities, dead cells, makeup residues and excess sebum all in one go. This Detoxifying Foam which cointains Ghassoul has a purifying and detoxifying formula really helps in getting rid of all kind of impuritie and leaves you with a fresh complexion.
Need to cool down after an hot day at work? You will love the Aloe Vera Moisturizing & Refreshing Body Jelly. It gives you the moisture power of a cream with the lightness of a gel. Skin is refreshed, quenched. Enriched in water-rich Aloe Vera and softening Cactus extract for supple skin. The formula is fresh, light and not greasy making the perfect summer moisturizer!
Pamper your body from head to toe with the All-Inclusive Mask set with all my favourite masks such as the Rose Lip Mask, Algae Face Mask and Green Tea Eye Mask and be gorgeous all summer long!

All products are available
at SEPHORA corners at MANOR
and on 

Into the blue with Michael Kors new Oversized Bradshaw watch

I have just found the perfect watch for Summer with my new Michael Kors Oversized Bradshaw Cerulean-tone watch. Inspired by the colours of the ocean the finish of this watch is simply fantastic. Blue is the colour of Summer, it reminds me of clear skies, the sea and summer escapes.. it is also a very chic colour which will never go out of fashion. This watch manages to cover two trends in one as you get the metallic vibe in a cool blue hue making it a stament timepiece for all your summer looks.
The chronograph detailing and the Roman numeral gives this watch that classic but also cool appeal. It is a true must-have for Summer which will make a statement worn on its own or also stacked with some pretty metallic bangles. Make it your stand out piece by wearing an all white outfit and the Bradshaw will instantly elevate your look!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

KIKO Limited Edition Summer 2.0 Collection

KIKO Summer 2.0 is a collection that draws its inspiration from the symbolic, colors and the warm atmosphere of summer. At the crossroads of the elements Earth and Fire, its style is elegant, romantic and passionate.
But it is through the personality and the look of the wearer that the collection Summer 2.0 will express
fully its glamorous potential. The promise of a perfect complexion that reflects the light of the sun. Skin is adorned with a beautiful highlighting glow that intensify and enhance your look with glowy colors. Lips are matt sublimated by the metallic effect given by the Lip Top Coat of the collection which gives you an irresistible touch.
The packaging of the collection bears the signature of renowned designer Ross Lovegrove and draws its inspiration from the "cosmos" of nature. The multidimensional surface of the packaging creates a play of light that resembles a waltz of the sun's rays on the waves of the Sea.  
Some of the key products of the collection include the Baked Bronzer a silky, soft baked bronzer which gives you a natural looking tan and the Baked Blush a two-tone blush which gives you a matte finish that is soft and easy to blend.
The collection also offers some pearly Liquid Eyeshadows in bold colours, Eye Markers and a Mascara as well as PH Lip Enhancer and some gorgeous matt lipsticks in blue shades. My favourite product of the collection is the Lips & Cheeks, available in six colours is a two-in-one matte lipstick and blush, it gives you intense colours on lips and can be blended on cheeks.

SUMMER 2.0 Collection
is available at 
and on