Monday, 4 December 2017

Say It with a flower: a Star for you!

Holiday time can only mean one thing Christmas Star time. The poinsettia or also known as Christmas Star is truly the star of the Holidayseason. Thanks to its bright colour star-shaped bracts and lush  green foliage It brings cheer in the house. Poinsettias of course make for some wonderful Christmas room decorations and are very popular among people of all ages.
However what we often don't think is that poinsettias make for great Christmas gifts! A poinsettia given to someone you love is always a beautiful gift and surely much appreciated.
In the run up to Christmas we often forget the real meaning of Christmas which is to spend time with family, friends and loved ones. Let's bring back the original meaning of Christmas for example by visiting a friend or a relative that we haven't seen in a long time and by giving them a Christmas Star as gift. Surely the Christmas Star will be much appreciated as it is not only a symbol of Christmas but thanks its variety and diversity hardly anyone will resist its charm. It is a wonderful and uncomplicated gift to express big feelings in an easy and simple way.
If you are DIY fan why not try to create a tailor-made decoration with the poinsettias and this way create original gifts? The Christmas Star really lends Christmas flair to such new creations.
I am giving you some ideas and inspirations with the handcrafted Christmas decorations and gifts I have created with the beautiful Poinsettias.
The beautiful winter bloomer really offers unlimited possibilities to create personalised gifts. Transform a simple pot into an handmade decorative pot or use a different than usual planter and give someone a truly unique gift!
If you use Poinsettia as cut flowers you can use them to adorn your gifts, to highlight bouquets, table arrangements and vases. You can really create some beautiful  Poinsettia gifts to suit anyone's style and taste thanks to diversity of the plant.


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