Wednesday, 16 October 2019

LONDONTOWN: new Fall 19/20 collection Modern Opulence

 LONDONTOWN presents its new Fall 19/20 collection Modern Opulence. The collection of trendy nailpolishes is daring, empowered and lavish. The collection includes the shades Crowning Crumpet, Honeymoon, Cashmere and Starstruck.
LONDONTOWN creates healthy alternatives to your traditional nail polish, providing botanically infused nail care and polishes with a lasting, gel-like wear. They believe in natural, effective products that won't damage your nails. Londontown lakurs are proudly made vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and 9-free.

Images courtesy of LONDONTOWN

FRIZZ EASE Weightless Wonder

JOHN FRIEDA introduces FRIZZ EASE Weightless Wonder: a new collection against frizz especially formulated for fine hair.  If frizzy hair products usually weigh your hair down you will love the new FRIZZ EASE Weightless Wonder collection! As many traditional frizz fighting products can leave your greasy, heavy and weigh your hair down. 
A ground-breaking collection of products who are not only featherlight frizz-fighting solutions but also target frizz both from the inside and outside and all without weighing fine hair down.
The Weightless Wonder Shampoo infused with Aloe Water cleanses frizzy, fine hair and prep hair for lightweight frizz-free style. The shampoo cleanses and moisturises thanks to the hydrating aloe water.
The Weightless Wonder Conditioner nourishes and detangles frizzy and fine hair infused with Aloe Water. The conditioner fights frizz without weighing the hair down while leaving hair soft, light and airy.

Images courtesy of JOHN FRIEDA

ESPRIT Winter Collection: BE THE SPIRIT

Forget the Christma tree, the presents and leave traditions behind. This year, you are the center of attention. You and your loved ones. Love knows no boundaries and religions, love stands for diversity, that's why ESPRIT wants you to celebrate it in all conceivable forms - with being together, whether family, friends, or new acquaintances. You want to throw yourself in it? Upgrade your wardrobe with fluffy knitwear and festive highlights that instantly add to the Holiday mood.
Elegant "must-haves" and at the same time cozy basics embellish heartwarming moments by the fireplace. Turtleneck, V-neck sweater and button-through sweaters blend with sleek flared leg, straight fit and skinny jeans to create the iconic basics of the cozy season. Fancy statements? Highlights such as a plush jackets and elegant coats set the right accents. True to the motto Mix-and-Match, the Esprit Winter collection embodies high-quality design and classic cuts for an elegant timeless chic.
It is getting cold? Warm feel-good pieces are the answer! Cuddly knit in optical prints, comfortable anoraks and winter jackets with faux fur accents in calm blue, beige and white tones make you want to go for winter walks and cozy evenings with friends.
Festive atmosphere is never complete without the right party. Ladies shimmer in gold-plated skirts and dresses or sophisticated trouser suits in mysterious jet black. Men dress in casual blazers in black and blue, combined with slim fit shirts and classic polo corners.
 No matter how you spend the festive time, now is the time to celebrate new and old friendships. But more than that, it is time to live the spirit that makes up the festive season! Be yourself. Be the party. Be the group. Be the spirit!

Images courtesy of ESPRIT


Inspired by washoku, or traditional Japanese food culture, SHISEIDO introduced WASO skincare in 2017. WASO fuses natural goodness with cutting-edge science and technology. Customizable, playful, and accessible, the range includes products that strengthen skin with continuous use. 
SHISEIDO introduce its two latest rescue innovations: Eye Opening Essence and Poreless Matte Primer. Ready to awaken tired-looking eye areas, minimize shine, and smooth pores.
Used as both seasoning for traditional Japanese dishes and treatment thanks to its many health benefits, yakumi refers to a condiment that creates a complex flavor experience. Similar to yakumi that are used to enhance and customize a meal to each person’s liking, the two new rescue products dubbed “yakumix” by SHISEID can be added to any existing routine to support and optimize skin benefits. 


The unique, snow-like texture inspired by momijioroshi gives an instant cooling sensation that improves the look of tired eyes. The fast-absorbing formula in addition to helping reduce the appearance of puffiness delivers a fresh burst of moisture. Much like the classic Japanese condiment, you only a small amount of this essence to feel the results. A refreshing and youthful scent adds to the energizing experience.
The Eye Opening Essence thanks to clarity boosting agent and color correcting pearl agent  address dullness and improve the appearance of dark circle. While Zingiberaceae extract and Carrot Root Protoplast contribute to healthy-looking skin.


The intensive, green-tinted primer absorbs excess oil and minimizes the appearance of pores for a beautifully matte complexion. Just like wasabi, a spicy yakumi that draws out umami (flavor), it really only takes a little bit of this primer to reduce shine and give you wonderful long lasting results. A simple and crisp scent adds to the refreshing experience.
Watercress Moisturizing Extract derived from a perennial plant belonging to the same family as wasabi is a nutrientand mineral-rich plant contains folic acid, potassium, iron, and vitamins A, C, and E. This extract helps to make skin smooth and even while Pore Refining Agent, a peptide consisting of two amino acids alleviates damage from unsaturated fatty acids and helps to minimize the appearance of pores.
Oil Absorbing Powder absorbs excess sebum immediately upon application in order to help keep skin comfortably matte for hours.
 Use it as the last step in your morning routine or before applying foundation, squeeze a small amount onto your fingertip and thinly apply to the T-zone and other areas of the face prone to visible pores and shine. To enhance the primer’s effects, layer it over your foundation.

Friday, 11 October 2019


It's raining outside, everything is gray. Well, when this time comes, only one thing will help: COLOR THERAPY! Essentiel Antwerp convinces once again with a wonderful color palette and a wonderful pattern mix. And if there are still signs of monotony there is still a power logo top. Go away, winter blues, go away! The new winter collection from Essentiel Antwerp is available in store, at modissa and online.

Images courtesy of ESSENTIAL ANTWERP

L'Occitane opens its 10th boutique in Switzerland

L'Occitane en Provence strengthens its presence in Switzerland and opens a new boutique at the railway station in Basel. Taking advantage of the renovation of the central station, L'Occitane will take travelers to a journey to Provence with unique and luminous beauty and where nature never ceases to amaze us.
Like a sudden desire for new sensations, scented emotions, natural ingredients,cosmetic innovations ... L'Occitane offers natural care for the body, face or skin hair, designed for women and men. Come discover and let yourself be seduced by these products that will become essential for your beauty routine and accompany your days and nights.

Güterstr. 115
 4053 Basel 
Open 7 days a week

#FREEYOURPORES with the new Blue Agave range from Bioré

Bioré presents its dream team for combination skin with the new range of products Blue Agave + Baking Powder. Oily on T zone and dry on the cheeks, combination skin surely has different needs that normal skin and requires extra care. Bioré's new range of products Blue Agave + Baking Powder has been specially designed for dry / oily combination skin thanks to its moisturizing formula with blue agave.
The association of the new active agent blue agave and baking powder is the ideal solution for combination skin. Using blue agave, Bioré rests on a tradition that goes back to the Aztecs: this head plant from Mexico, known for its healing and soothing properties, is used to treat skin or even heal wounds. Meanwhile, baking powder in the formula is known for its ability to clean thoroughly. This cleans skin and pores deeply and ensures a uniform and even skin.
The range includes: a nourishing detox-cream mask, a balancing pore cleanser, an acne foam cleansing and a warming clay mask.
I gave my pores a deep clean in one minute with the Bioré Instant Warming Clay Mask. The mask heats up when in contact with water this way opening pores and drawing out impurities and dirt. Skin is left smooth and refreshed. The mask doesn't dry or harden skin leaving skin and pores purified. Daily grind such as pollution, dirt, etc can really have a negative effect on our complexion, so the Cooling Detox is just what you need. Specially formulated for combination skin this creamy mask eliminates impurities and purify clogged pores. The Balancing Pores Cleanser is just the perfect daily care for combination skin. It deeply cleanses while also gently exfoliating thanks to the jojoba beads. Skin is soothed and conditioned. On the other hand if you want to prevent acne without over-drying the Acne Cleansing Foam is a great ally. The rich foam cleanses deeply while also helping the development of new acne.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

LALIQUE presents its new feminine fragrance SOLEIL LALIQUE

 Lalique presents its new feminine fragrance Soleil Lalique. With this addictive new fragrance, Lalique celebrates the sun and the free-spirited women who love it. Dressed in gold and coral, adorned with a delicate charm bracelet the 100 ml bottle is as playful and feminine as the fragrance.
Her scent is as exhilarating as the pearly golden light of a fresh new day, pouring in with a scented floral breeze through billowing curtains. As irresistibly sweet as the first sip of frothy Caffè Latte in the morning. As warm and soft as her golden skin.
The fragrance features top notes of cardamon, bitter almond and zesty mandarin and heart notes of mouthwatering pear granita, caffe latte and jasmine with dry-down notes of sandalwood, musks and pink praline. Sunshine in a bottle.
The scent is as honeyed as the morning light. The softly rounded bottle is shaped like the rays of the sun.
As an added, playful touch a charm bracelet is wound around the neck of the 100 ml bottle. Inspired by the timeless modernity of an art deco Laliqe earring, the tasseled chain is adorned by a gleaming solar pearl. The chain ends with a golden tab bearing the name of the fragrance.
SOLEIL LALIQUE is available as travel-friendly 30 ml & 50 ml sizes and in a lavish 100 ml natural spray bottle at LALIQUE Boutique Zurich, Globus and Parfumerie Osswald Zurich.

“ We conceived this fragrance like a burst of morning light in a bedroom. A radiant halo of serene, intimate notes. Soleil Lalique is an invitation to wake up to the world with a smile! ” 

Images courtesy of LALIQUE

System Professional launches SP Essential

System Professional launches a hair care line that combines the power of five selected minerals in an innovative formula: SP Essential.
The new intensive care SP Essential impresses with a deeply effective formula, which is composed of ingredients of up to 96% of natural origin and is formulated free of sulphates, silicones and parabens as well as animal ingredients. Shampoo, conditioner and mask rely on the power of five fermented minerals with nourishing properties. Copper, zinc, iron, silicon and magnesium create a rich care from the roots to the tips: the hair this way is strengthened and gets a natural shine.
The line includes SP Essential Nourishing Shampoo,  SP Essential Nourishing Conditioner and SP Nourishing Mask.
The shampoo provides gentle cleansing and care for all hair types, the conditioner nourishes the hair in seconds while also protecting against mechanical damage while the mask nourishes the hair making it smooth and easy to comb.

SISLEY introduces the new Velvet Sleeping Mask

After launching the Velvet Nourishing Cream last year Sisley is now launching the Velvet Sleeping Mask with Saffron Flowers. This is the first repairing sleeping mask created by Sisley especially to rescue dry skin and leave-it ultra-soothed upon awakening.
The Velvet Sleeping Mask is a protective mask that brings comfort to dry skin while also helping it to regenerate and repair itself overnight. The mask includes highest-performing ingredients such as Saffron Flowers, Thyme Honey, Shea Butter and Orange Blossom. Extract of Saffron Flowers is a super-soothing active ingredient that brings comfort to skin. Thyme Honey regenerates skin while Shea Butter thanks to its nourishing and soothing properties repairs skin damage due to external aggressions. Orange Blossom on the other hand offers an immediate sensation of relief.
The texture is cocooning and the mask envelops skin in a bubble of softness.
The Velvet Sleeping Mask can also be applied as an emergency mask in a thick layer on the face and neck and left for 10 minutes. This way the mask provides skin with intensive soothing benefits.

Images courtesy of SISLEY Paris

Dr. Hauschka introduces the new Hayflower Cardamon Cleansing Lotion and Stone Pine Sea Salt Cleansing Gel

The new Hayflower Cardamon Cleansing Lotion and the new Stone Pine Sea Salt Cleansing Gel will join the Dr. Hauschka range from October 15th.
Exquisite cleaning for the body and hands: whether in the form of shower cream or hand cleanser, the new products offer moments of well-being and a sensual escape, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If put in hot water, the essential oils and selected essences display their intense aromas - and the precious power of nature.

Hayflower Cardamon Cleansing Lotion 

The composition of hand-picked hayflowers and rich avocado oil cleanses gently and leaves the skin soft and silky. The creamy balm harmonizes and brings a calming effect. The precious essences of cardamom and cassia relax the body and the mind. Sweet as a summer night, this cleansing balm contains the strength of sun-bathed hay flowers.

Stone Pine Sea Salt Cleansing Gel

The composition of sea salt, produced according to the traditional method, combined with intense rosemary water, confers a vivifying energy and purifies the spirit. This gentle gel cleanses gently and tones the skin. Precious essences of cardamom and eucalyptus stimulate the body and mind. Fresh as the first hours of the morning, the cleansing gel prepares for an active start to the day. 

Images courtesy of Dr. Hauschka


H&M is pleased to announce a collaboration with the heritage label Pringle of Scotland on a line of traditional knitwear with a new sporty interpretation. Developed by H & M's design team in collaboration with Pringle of Scotland's creative studio, the Pringle of Scotland x H & M collection is available worldwide and online as of October 3rd.
Pringle of Scotland shares its Scottish heritage of tartan and jacquard motifs and offers it a new and subtle trend. Among the highlights of this collection, we find the sweater made up of a patchwork of hues and textures that intertwine to create retro-inspired ribbed wool-inspired rhomboid patterns, as well as the cropped collar-sleeves cropped sweater ball. Traditional weavings are imbued with a captivating character in a series of generously oversized pullovers with raw edges. Ring-knit dresses, plush hoodies, second-skin leggings, scarves and fluffy bonnets all feature athletic logo prints for a sporty look.
The revitalizing color palette brings a feeling of well-being. It is a mixture of autumn colors such as mustard yellow, dove gray and brown biscuit, completed by surprising touches of acid yellow. The collection uses cleverly recycled polyester and organic cotton, plush wool and smooth viscose fibers. And on a playful note, the range also offers everyone who loves their dog, jerseys in prints and matching colors for our 4-legged friends.

"Pringle of Scotland has a long history in terms of partnership, and this latest 
collaboration with 
H & M has been extremely inspiring. 
We are always looking for new ways to express the DNA of our heritage knitwear
 and we hope that this fun and sporty new version of our famous rhinestone
 sweaters and Fair Isle will delight our loyal customers and reach a wide audience 
worldwide through H & M"
says Katy Wallace, Brand Director at Pringle of Scotland.

Images courtesy of H&M

Tuesday, 8 October 2019


Last week in Zurich ECCO introduced the world to a breakthrough for ECCO’s formal shoe selection, presenting 10 ECCO VITRUS™ MONDIAL styles that combine sleek design with lightweight comfort innovation.
Amongst others, three special guests attended ECCO’s world premiere on October 3rd 2019 - Ken Duken, Anatole Taubman and Xenia Tchoumi and were amongst the first to discover the new innovation within the Gentlemen’s Universe by ECCO in a dynamic and unique atmosphere, accompanied by star DJane Tanja La Croix with smooth beats. The legendary host Sven Epiney guided through this very special event. 
On September 30th, the ECCO VITRUS ™ MONDIAL celebrates its premiere at 11 selected flagship stores throughout Europe. This world first from ECCO is available in 10 different designs, making the ECCO VITRUS™ MONDIAL a stylish companion. The innovative technology combines an elegant appearance with a low weight for highest comfort. For the modern gentleman who cares about quality and innovation the ECCO VITRUS ™ MONDIAL is the ideal footwear for the discerning gentleman who does not compromise on style but also on wearing comfort. 

Anatole Taubman

Sven Epiney

Dj Tanja LaCroix

Photos Credits Andrea Monica Hug