Tuesday, 8 October 2019


Last week in Zurich ECCO introduced the world to a breakthrough for ECCO’s formal shoe selection, presenting 10 ECCO VITRUS™ MONDIAL styles that combine sleek design with lightweight comfort innovation.
Amongst others, three special guests attended ECCO’s world premiere on October 3rd 2019 - Ken Duken, Anatole Taubman and Xenia Tchoumi and were amongst the first to discover the new innovation within the Gentlemen’s Universe by ECCO in a dynamic and unique atmosphere, accompanied by star DJane Tanja La Croix with smooth beats. The legendary host Sven Epiney guided through this very special event. 
On September 30th, the ECCO VITRUS ™ MONDIAL celebrates its premiere at 11 selected flagship stores throughout Europe. This world first from ECCO is available in 10 different designs, making the ECCO VITRUS™ MONDIAL a stylish companion. The innovative technology combines an elegant appearance with a low weight for highest comfort. For the modern gentleman who cares about quality and innovation the ECCO VITRUS ™ MONDIAL is the ideal footwear for the discerning gentleman who does not compromise on style but also on wearing comfort. 

Anatole Taubman

Sven Epiney

Dj Tanja LaCroix

Photos Credits Andrea Monica Hug

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