Thursday, 20 September 2018

Let's all have a PIXI glow this Fall!

Fall is just behind the corner and surely we do not want to give up our Summer glow, even during the cold period of the year. 
PIXI, London's cult brand has recognized that a balanced and vital skin is the basis of a fresh and luminous complexion. The products in the Fall / Winter 2018 collection offer us an extra dose of hydration for a radiant skin!

ROSE GLOW MIST Antioxidant Botanical Boost 

Enriched with 7 kinds of rose extracts, this light treatment not only smoothes skin, but also boosts its hydration, improves its elasticity and gives it a natural glow. Sprayed before the treatment, it hydrates the skin and rebalances it. Applied after makeup, it wraps the skin with a protective veil.

RETIONOL Tonic Advanced Youth Preserving Toner

Rich in retinol and jasmine, this very effective tonic makes the skin shine! Antioxidants and plant extracts strengthen the skin while eliminating dead cells. For skin that looks immediately smoother, brighter and younger.

ROSE CERAMIC CREAM Intensive Moisturizer 

This cream rich in ceramides and rose oil moisturizes the skin for a balanced and healthy complexion. Antioxidant substances help improve the elasticity of the skin and protect it from external aggressions.

LASHLIFT 188 Double Brush Mascara

The perfect 2-in-1 mascara: the largest brush ensures incomparable volume, while the smallest brush gives to your  more than 188  lashes an exceptional curve, even with the most inaccessible internal lashes. Perfect volume, length and curve for an ultimate False Lash look!

PIXI GLOWCAKE 3-in-1 Luminous Transition Powder

Soft pink cheeks, subtle contours and a natural shine: this silky powder allows you to create in a simple way a warm and radiant tone that emphasizes even more the natural PixiGlow.

The featured PIXI products 
will be available from October 
at selected Marionnaud and 
online on

GLOBUS opens its new women's fashion flagship-store in Zurich

Globus celebrates the opening of its new women's fashion flagship store in Zurich and surprises with fashion brands such as J.Crew and Fred Segal at Lintheschergasse 7 in Zurich: but also with many new fashion brands. 
 After a two-month renovation, in mid-September Globus opened its ladies' fashion flagship store on Lintheschergasse 7 in Zurich. The well-known fashion brand J.Crew, which is available for the first time in Switzerland, the New York brand stands for colorful basics with a modish twist. 
Fred Segal celebrates its European premiere with Globus as a partner. The shop-in-shop of the legendary Californian lifestyle brand invites customers to discover numerous fashion, accessory and beauty brands curated by the Globus Team, such as Each × Other, Tibi, Milly and Apiece Apart , Walled ivy-green walls and red-blue lettering are the trademarks of the iconic multi-brand store founded in Los Angeles in 1961. In L. A. Fred Segal is one of the first addresses for much more than shopping: here is where one meets to see and to be seen. The popular, fashionably refreshed collection of Globus Essentials and the new range of Globus Studio complete the offer of the store. A special highlight is the trendy and very extensive athleisure range, which addresses the women of today with its mix between of street and sportswear. 

"With Fred Segal and J.Crew, we have found partners who offer our customers a unique brand experience and a brand mix that is unmatched in the Swiss fashion trade," says Thomas Herbert, CEO Magazine zum Globus

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Revitalash Cosmetics support the "Breast Cancer Awareness Month"

RevitaLash® Cosmetics, the leading cosmetics brand for eyelashes and eyebrows led by doctors, is pleased to begin the "Pink" promotion, which aims to support "Breast Cancer Awareness Month". The limited-edition collection features the award-winning RevitaLash® Advanced (3.5 ml) in a luxurious white cosmetic bag featuring the famous pink ribbon.

"Philanthropy has always been an important feature of the RevitaLash Cosmetics brand and we are very proud to continue this tradition. The ongoing support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative is part of our Eternally Pink promise. The entire RevitaLash Cosmetics family takes this issue very seriously, " explains Michael Brinkenhoef. (Revitalash CEO)

In addition, RevitaLash Cosmetics will offer until October 31, 2018, a RevitaBrow® Advanced at the City of Hope Positive Image Center (up to a maximum of 1'600 pieces) for each eyelash or eyebrow care product sold on revitalash. com.
This limited offer is available in a selection of spas, beauty salons and specialty shops, as well as online at

Starbucks has arrived in Italy in great style!

Starbucks has recently celebrated the opening of its first coffee house in Italy and is probably the world's most beautiful Starbucks to date: the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan. The much anticipated Milan Roastery is the jewel of Starbucks global retail footprint. It is a place where Italian guests can experience the art and science of coffee in a breathtaking environment, paying homage to the city of Milan on the one hand and worshiping everything Starbucks learned about coffee in its 47-year history on the other.
With the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the historic Post building on Piazza Cordusio, Starbucks opened its first location in Italy, with the plan to bring more coffee houses to Milan by the end of 2018.
Designed as a tribute to the Italian espresso culture that inspired Howard Schulz to create the Starbucks Experience 35 years ago, the new Reserve Roastery in the capital of fashion and culture presents the art of coffee roasting, brewing, and coffee over an area of 2,300 square meters.
It offers first-class reserve experience with limited available Arabica coffee varieties from 30 countries from around the world, the first time roasted in Europe. The range is rounded off with freshly baked delicacies from local baker Rocco Princi.

SHISEIDO ULTIMUNE: the power of timeless beauty

SHISEIDO has started a new era in cosmetics with the Power Infusing Concentrate Ultimune.
Every second of every day a complex network of cells, organs, tissues and fluids collaborate within our bodies to prevent disease and infection. This is the immune system, a fascinating area for researchers and the subject of increasingly advanced research for some years now.
Just like the body, skin has its own immune system to protect against environmental damages, emotional stress and ageing, factors which not only weaken skin, but also damage its appearance.
But unfortunately the cell that safeguards our skin’s immunity and more precisely the Langerhans cell are only the 2% to 5% of the epidermis.
Recent research has shown that Langerhans cells can get rid off the warning signals the skin gives off when exposed to UV, chemical substances and other stimuli, by attenuating the over-reaction and therefore play an important role as multi-difensive protector.
Shiseido has developed the first complex that directly targets Langerhans cells. It restores the Langerhans cell functions that have been weakened by environmental factors, ageing and emotional stress. Ultimune ComplexTM, is a synergy of 3 key ingredients : Bulgarian rosewater, Aqua-in-Pool, and ß-Glucan. Ultimune ComplexTM improves Langerhans cells’ defensive function by 64%* while also stimulating collagen production, encouraging hydration and strengthening skin barrier function.
The perfect solution is here with Ultimune, the first product to reactivate the skin’s multi-defensive power to resist, protect, regenerate and strengthen against harmful aggressors. It is the power your skin needs to visibly slow down the ageing process for as long as possible. 
Ultimune activates 4 powers within your skin: 
- The power to RESIST 
- The power to PROTECT 
- The power to REGENERATE 
- The power to STRENGHTEN 
With Ultimune women of every age and every skintype can rediscover timeless beauty with a perfect, flawless and trouble-free skin glowing with health.

Monday, 17 September 2018

LOVA SKIN: silky smooth feet in a flash!

LovaSkin is an innovative foot care formulated in Switzerland with glacier water, for smooth, silky feet in minutes. LovaSkin is a new beauty care product - a foot peeling with instant effects. Lova means "to promise" in Swedish and was created to meet the needs of today's working women. LovaSkin was founded by Swedish girl Lovisa, who lives in Switzerland. The product is intended for those who just like Lovisa, lead a busy life and want to get visible and fast results with their beauty products.
LovaSkin Instant Foot Peeling is an easy, fast and effective way to get smooth and silky and callus-free feet. The product is ideal for all women (and men) who want to get best result in a flash.
Unlike other products, it takes less than two minutes to have perfectly groomed feet. Simply spray the area to be treated with the product, leave to act 60 seconds then use the rasp to get a neat finish. Rinse with clear water and admire the result. The treatment is easy and convenient to fo. The instant peel is a real innovation!

Available on

Lock in your hair's colour and vibrancy with PHYTOMILLESIME

PHYTO Paris has launched its newest range: PHYTOMILLESIME. PHYTO, the hair expert has now with PHYTOMILLESIME a protective and hydrating product line especially created for the care of colored and highlighted hair. One of the main components of the products is obtained from the Swiss Redlove® apple.
It is a fact 2/3 of women dye their hair regularly, they all have a common desire for the perfect hair colour and a more feminine, glamorous look. This is the case of course if the hair is silky shiny and radiant.  Often, the hair becomes brittle, split ends appear but also the color starts to fade. In the long run the dyeing takes effect as well as the bleaching the hair and makes it look dull. In addition, external factors such as UV rays, pollution etc can cause damage and hair loses shine and radiance.
Innovation that repairs, fixes, protects and styles: for a radiant hair color as on the first day after dyeing.
PHYTO Paris is the pioneer of hair care products based on the efficacy of plants.
With PHYTOMILLESIME  Phyto brings a unique anti-fading care system on the market, that protects and locks in colour while locking in colour shine. Thanks to the groundbreaking innovation  for example the Colour Locker Pre-Shampoo locks in the pigments in the fiber and promotes longer lasting colour. Wash after wash maintaining a vibrant colour is no longer difficult and no longer a dream. Each product of the line is enriched with a specific complex or active ingredient to care for coloured and highlighted hair.
The PHYTOMILLESIME range includes: Colour Locker Pre-Shampoo, Colour Enhancing Shampoo, Colour Enhancing Hair Mask, Beauty Concentrate and Colour Protecting Mist.

SHISEIDO WASO: Reset and Recharge

Not so long ago I reviewed the new WASO range from SHISEIDO, now two new products join the range and more precisely a Purifying Peel Off Mask and a Beauty Sleeping Mask. Inspired by Washoku a traditional Japanese cuisine WASO incorporates exclusive technologies and the latest research while bringing the natural goodness of each ingredient. The WASO skincare line was created in 2017 to address specific needs of young and adult's skin while also boosting its resistance to daily stressors. The two new products visibly and instantly rescue skin by resolving concerns caused by daily environment and lifestyle.
The Purifying Peel Off Mask is a pearl-red mask powered by botanicals that thanks to a blend of active ingredients releases stress that has been accumulating in your skin to reveal renewed, fresher and brighter skin. It is like an emergency reset button for stress-free skin. Use it once or twice a week. Apply 3/4 cm of product by smoothing evenly on clear skin and leave it to act for about 20 minutes then gently removes from forehead to chin.
The Beauty Sleeping Mask is a yuzu-infused moisturizing mask that recharges your skin while you sleep for a refreshed and radiant looking glow in the morning. The mask thanks to its ideal combination of botanical ingredients, recharges and infuses skin with moisture during the night. Use it as the last step of your skincare routine. Apply an almond-sized drop and smooth evenly over the face. Do not remove the gel and let it act overnight.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

SONY XPERIA XZ2: my review

As you may know when it comes about technology and more precisely mobile phones I am a huge Sony fan. The last three handsets I owned and of course  my current one have all been from Sony and I have always been positively impressed. A while ago I was asked to test the new Xperia XZ2  and I was of course very excited and curious to try it out.
I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed and out of all the Sony smartphones I owned this is surely the best one.
The XZ2 is packed with all the latest Sony technologies and truly gives you a whole new entertainment experience in many ways. Thanks to Sony's Dynamic Vibration System and a full HD+HDR display and Sony Bravia tv technology watching movies or video becomes an wonderfully exciting experience. The XZ2 is also packed with the world's first 4K HDR movie recording in a smartphone giving you more contrast, colour and details.
The design of the handset is really stunning: unique, sleek and elegant but also functional and fluid. The XZ2 feels and fits perfectly in the hand as the 3D glass surface creates a seamless shape that is really comforable to hold. It is beautiful inside and outside!
I really enjoy watching my favourite tv shows on the go as the XZ2 can play HDR the quality of the images is always spot on, with intensely vivid colours and great clarity. The XZ2 also boasts the loudest Xperia speakers ever the S-Force Front Surround giving you a true cinema effect on your smartphone.
When it comes about camera the new XZ2 once again doesn't disappoint. Thanks to the new advanced Motion Eye Camera you can really capture some breathtaking images or film in 4K HDR. One of the camera features I like the most is the predictive capture function which automatically detects motion or a smile before you even press the capture button, ensuring you never miss any important moment of your life. The 19MP camera is capable of capturing details and colours in a great quality. You can use it manual mode if you are an expert or the auto mode is also top class especially with close-ups.
Another thing that really impressed me of the new XZ2 was its battery life as it easily lasts all day with a standard charge. The XZ2 has a 3180mAh battery and whenever extra energy is needed Smart Stamina works ahead of time to keep you going for longer. The handset is also wireless charging enabled making top-ups really easy and quick.
Running on Google's mobile latest version operating system Android 8 Oreo the XZ2 is up-to-date with the latest software. Of course you can personalize the look of your XZ2 as themes and wallpapers are available, some of the themes are even interactive which is really a great plus.
Compared with the XZ1 surely the XZ2 looks more modern and sleek as the squarish design has been replaced with a beautiful curved-glass back. The XZ2 really sits comfortable in the hand and definetely looks the part. It is equipped with all the latest technologies giving you an excellent performance. The camera takes some stunning photos even in low light conditions. The XZ2 is all in all a great Android phone that gives you a fast and reliable performance and a vibrant 4K HDR display.

Friday, 14 September 2018

LANCÔME has a new beauty space at Manor Geneva

LANCÔME inaugurated a new beauty space inside Manor Geneva. The central table also known as the "Sharing Table" is the first in Switzerland: an open and friendly space designed as the living room of the house and designed to touch, test, get drunk with beauty. This new space also plays the card of the digital experience: thanks to the exclusive technology "Youcam" installed in our mirrors, the customer will be able to test live on her face all the products of the catalogue and all the colors, in augmented reality.

Essentiel Antwerp Fall 2018

Animal prints, cats and stripes dominate the happy autumn look of Essentiel Antwerp. Colorful colors in combination with a masculine cuts. Oversized, boxy and casual. In contrast, the collection includes playful dresses, blouses and kimono jackets with floral patterns. The cuts are lovely, even a touch of romanticism plays along. Opposites attracts - not only in love, but also in fashion. The result: outfits for the perfect autumn day.

Thursday, 13 September 2018

FENTY BEAUTY is now available in Switzerland at SEPHORA

FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna  is finally available in Switzerland at SEPHORA! Rihanna had the idea to create Fenty Beauty after having, over the years, experimented with the best in beauty and found the total absence on the market of products adapted to all types and all colors of skin.
FENTY BEAUTY is a makeup line and its formulas that really works for every skin types. The products are designed to feel lightweight but in the meantime the provide buildable coverage that works well also layered.
The product range available in Switzerland will include the Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color which is just about the perfect red lipstick and the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipsticks available in 14 gorgeous shades. Of course other highlights includes the Moroccan Spice Collection the Flyliner Longwear Liquid Eyeliner and the Pro Filt'r Amplifying Eye Primer
FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna is now available at SEPHORA at Manor and online on

Photos courtesy of Fenty Beauty


KIKO's new Limited Edition collection Dark Treasure includes a line of exclusive skincare and makeup products especially created to purify and brighten your complexion.
Enhance your beauty thanks to the high-performing formula infused with charcoal and diamond dust.
Some key products from the makeup collection includes a Baked Bronzer enriched with diamond dust for radiant results and instant sun-kissed skin, some gorgeous Eyeshadow Palettes in matte and metallic finishes also enriched in diamond dust as well as Liquid Lipsticks with a high matte finish.
The skincare products go from some very handy Charcoal Micellar Cleansing Pads to a Charcoal Face Cleanser & Scrub both with the purifying power of charcoal.
Charcoal Power meets Diamond Dust for this special Limited Edition Dark Treasure Collection


Limited Edition
available at
and on

Hello Good Night

L'Occitane introduces its latest innovation: the Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum. This extraordinary serum helps your skin recover overnight from the hectic everyday life while leaving your skin looking rested, fresh and with a more youthful appearance. Its three powerful power ingredients Acmella Oleacera Extract, Marjoram Extract and Immortelle Essential Oils are suspended in an innovative dual textured serum that melts instantly into skin.
Upon application the serum feels like a water-gel texture, this is fast absorbed as the suspended golden bubbles deliver a powerful dose of Immortelle Oil Extract. The serum will leave you a satin smooth finish as well as providing you with a great deal of hydration without being sticky or greasy.
Overtime skin looks more radiant, youthful, more rested and with less visible fine lines.
The Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum is surely a great way to boost your skincare routine this Fall!
To celebrate the launch of Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum L'Occitane invites you to its Lausanne and Zurich stores on  13-14-15 September 2018 where a lot of surprises await you! 

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

TAG HEUER extend its partnership with the Premier League

TAG Heuer is proud to announce the renewal of its partnership as official Premier League timekeeper. The Premier League continues to measure time on all games with TAG Heuer, both on the pitch and on worldwide radio and television broadcasts.
In the Premier League, the biggest football teams compete in the physically demanding championship, spurring players to score the ultimate goal under the trademark mantra #dontcrackunderpressure.
 Jean Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of the Watch Division of the LVMH Group, said:
 "We are very pleased to continue our role as official Premier League timekeeper. Our partnership with the Premier League demonstrates the important and strong involvement of TAG Heuer in the world of football. TAG Heuer was the first official timekeeper in the Premier League and this connection will be strengthened next season with the continued partnership. "
TAG Heuer takes on its obsession for precision as the season gets off to a good start, taking timing to another level with the unveiling of the interactive Premier League dial for owners of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular. Designed specifically for football fans, this dial was developed in collaboration with the Premier League to inform fans of everything that happens in the 2018/19 Premier League season. This information is transmitted directly to your modular smartwatch.

Richard Masters, Managing Director of the Premier League, said: 

"We have really enjoyed working with TAG Heuer over the past two years and are pleased that the watchmaker will continue to serve as the official Premier League timekeeper. TAG Heuer is heavily involved in elite sports, and its new Premier League dial and associated app is a fun and innovative development that will allow smartwatch owners to feel closer to the Premier League. "

Photos courtesy of TAG HEUER

Get that famous "Cat's Eye" look with Bourjois new Eye Catching Mascara

From now on we can all get that "cat's eye" look thanks to the new Bourjois Eye Catching Mascara and Eye Catching Pencil.
Thanks to the curved brush the Eye Catching Mascara thickens and defines every single lash right up to the outer corner of the eye creating that famous "cat's eye" look. The formula is enriched with silk proteins making your lashes incredibly soft all with no smudges or clumps. Finish off your "cat's eye" look with the Eye Catching Pencil. Thanks to its one-sided flat tip draw a straight line has never been so easy in two steps: step 1 flat side to draw the ultimate flick and step 2 regular side to draw a sleek line.