Sunday, 2 February 2014

MY January OOTD

I can not hide the fact that I am glad January is out of the way, I always think the time after Christmas is a bit sad I love Christmas so much and everytime I have to take down the decorations I am left with a sad feeling.
One of the only positive things about January are sales! I did managed to get some good buys. I also managed to buy my Saint Laurent duffle and that cheered me up!!
Here are my January OOTD, which is your favourite?


  1. Hi, we met on Insta;-) following your blog too:-)

  2. I <3 the first outfit cause it looks so comfy and cosy :-) and fox town is such a cool place to shop :D

    1. Thanks so much! I love my LV scarf so much as it is very cozy!
      Love fox town ,too!!!

  3. I nominated you for a liebster award.
    i love your blog.