Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Nespresso optimizes its "Recycling at home" service in collaboration with Swiss Post

Since 2012, Nespresso has been offering its customers the free service of "Recycling at Home "in collaboration with Swiss Post. This offer has just been improved to further facilitate the return of used Nespresso aluminum capsules.
Customers can now drop them at any time into their letter box so that the postman can pick them up, without having to place a new order. This free service is now available for all Nespresso customers throughout Switzerland.

"About half of our clients and Swiss customers now recycle their Nespresso capsules.
 We are always looking for new measures enabling us
to increase this proportion by making the return of capsules as easy as possible " 
explains Frank Wilde, marketing director of Nespresso Switzerland. 
"We have found a solid partner with Swiss Post. We developed this innovative concept together to create a new flexible solution
making recycling our capsules from home even easier and more efficient, providing
 maximum comfort to our customers, "said Frank Wilde.
 After the successful pilot project launched
in nine cities of Switzerland, the optimized service is now deployed throughout the country."

With this new solution, there is no need to place an order or notify Nespresso in order for the postman to collect the used capsules. Customers can put their used Nespresso capsules at any time in a white recycling bag created especially for this purpose and drop it in their letter box. A yellow tab that must be left clearly visible on the outside of the box will show the postman that the capsule bag is ready to be collected. From Monday to Friday, the postman will collect the recycling bag during his daily roun and delivers it to the internal logistics of Swiss Post, which continuosly organizes the return of capsules to Nespresso recycling system.

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