Thursday, 16 May 2019

Summer feeling @Starbucks

Summer is coming and with it a series of great encounters, exciting events and warm summer days at the lake or in the city. Starbucks offers a variety of ice-cold coffee and tea-based drinks to give you a refreshing kick. With the new Iced Coffees and Cold Brew variations, the Frappuccino Limited Edition and the refreshingly fruity Frozen Iced Teas coffee and tea lovers will get their money's worth and experience an unforgettable Summer with Starbucks.

Cool, cooler - Iced Coffee

Starbucks is adding three delicious variations to the Iced Coffee offering: DoubleShot Iced Coffee, DoubleShot Vanilla Iced Coffee and Nitro Vanilla Bean Cold Foam. Made with Starbucks' full-bodied Signature Espresso, Iced Coffee comes in two variations, one with a strong and refreshing flavor and one refined with a pleasant hint of vanilla. The Cold Brew family is supplemented by a Nitro Cold Brew, which is infused with fine vanilla milk foam - for a creamy-mild enjoyment. The three new creations are the perfect cheer for any time of the day.

 Tastes good & feels good - Teavana Frozen Iced Teas

The Teavana Frozen Iced Teas offer delicious, low-calorie refreshments for every Summer day. In addition to the traditional range of Teavana teas, this summer Starbucks offers three other great variations: Tropical Mango, Strawberry & Lime and Blood Orange. The new Frozen Iced Teas score with fruity components combine the best Teavana teas with fine fruit flavors for a sparkling summer drink. They are ideal for cooling off on hot days and ensure a happy-fruity holiday mood.

Summer highlights - Frappuccino

Frappuccinos are the universally popular classic on warm summer days. They also taste delicious with the various milk alternatives such as coconut, soy, oat or almond drink. In addition, the amount of cream can be freely decided and / or a sugar-free syrup can be selected. Later in the summer, two new delicious varieties await the Frappuccino fans - which will not be revealed yet.

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