Sunday, 27 July 2014

Feel great, look great with Fitness Nestlé Cereals

I while ago I have been sent a big box full of Nestlé Fitness cereals and I must admit I have been enjoying having them for breakfast but also experimenting with more recipes!
Fitness breakfast cereal provides a sensible, great-tasting start to the day.
They provide you with important vitamins and minerals including iron and calcium.
Did you know that all Nestlé Fitness cereals are made with whole grain? Whole grain is an important part of a balanced diet.
Of course you can have them with milk, but I personally enjoy them also with joghurt and with some fresh fruits like blueberries or strawberries , perfect for Summer or if i have them with semi-skimmed milk sometimes I add a spoon of honey or almonds!
You can enjoy Nestlé Fitness cereals in many varieties such as original, fruits, honey, chocolate, yogurt.. so there is really something for everyone!
I have decided I might try the 14-day program with Nestlé Fitness basically it consist of having Nestlé Fitness cereals for breakfast with semi-skimmed milk and then for another meal for 14 days and for the rest of the meals you have a healthy balanced meal. I personally have them for breakfast and lunch then have a healthy dinner at night, but that is my preference, you might rather have them for breakfast and then for a light and quick dinner at night.
For ideas on healthified recipes just go on the nestle-fitness website!


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  1. haha I love Nestle Fitness very much! I always eat it for my breakfast and dinner~