Wednesday, 15 July 2015

MARBERT DD Cream: beauty all-rounder!

This beauty all-rounder will make several jars and pots in your  bathroom disappear!
The new Marbert DD Cream is a protective cream, moisturizer, sunscreen, anti-aging skin care and foundation in one!
This beauty all-rounder with SPF 15 blends optimally with skin and conceals naturally small irregularities while also smoothing lines.
See fine lines, wrinkles and uneveness visually disappear and be ready to glow!
First we had the BB cream then CC cream soon followed and now with DD  cream, it is now not only alphabetically but also in the care properties one step further. The DD stands for disguise and diminuish, blemishes are concealed and immediately reduced.
The innovative DD cream brings not only glow to the complexion but also has an anti-aging effect and also helps against premature aging.
Marbert DD Cream is available in Light and Medium and is suitable for all skin types, dermatologically tested and parabens free.

I had chance to test the DD Cream and I really like it, as it melts into the skin and make you look as if you are not wearing any make up. It can be easily applied with fingers and as mentioned it blends well with the skin and I don't need to wear foundation on top as for me it provides enough cover. What I also love is the fact that it provides SPF  so my skin is also protected from the harmful sunrays.
The cream really does cover imperfections and gives a nice Summer glow to the skin!
 In Summer I feel it can be applied just on its own but for my skin type in Winter I would probably need my moisturizer as well as the DD cream to get the best results.
I can say it is a great product which gives many benefits such as minimizing wrinkles, perfecting, smoothing while also providing anti-aging effects and sun protection all in one !

DD Cream
is available now

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