Monday, 20 July 2015

The updated version of the Oral-B app for Smartphones offers customized brushing instructions

The Oral-B updated app does not only offer a new experience of customized brushing, it also significantly improves brushing habits. The brushing rtime of a person using the application with an electric toothbrush Oral-B SmartSeries is actually greater than that of a person using a traditional toothbrush. This important update enables a even greater customization of daily brushing routine: personalized care goals, such as whiter teeth can be achieved through tailored instructions for the user. In addition, the new version of the app promotes optimal collaboration with the dentist, for a really professional result.

 The application for smartphone communicates with the toothbrush Oral-B electric SmartSeries through Bluetooth® 4.0. technology. The application receives data from the brushing and displays instantly on the screen for the user to share. You can easily program brushing settings using the smartphone as a remote control!

Customized oral care with the new generation application, Oral-B focuses on the real needs of each user. You can choose between five sets of instructions:
Fresh breath, Fight against plaque, Whiteness, Gum Health and Orthodontic

Additional new functions of the App:
• The connection instruction of the toothbrush  to the application has been improved
• New visual "Getting Started", which puts focus on new application features
• In the space of activity menu you can find  "All statistics " to see an overview of all brushing statistics
• Reminders of appointments at the dentist
• PDF function to convert the selected statistics in PDF format to allow to send them by email

Professional instructions for a perfect result

The new version  establishes a bridge between the user and the dentist as with the application, professionals can:
• Program a longer brushing time for some parts of the mouth
• Record the condition of the teeth of their patients
• Leave special brushing instructions or interdental cleaning
• Make recommendations on products adapted to the types of oral care which patients need

Between two appointments to the dentist, users can also send by email data for further advice or a simple control of progress.

The updated version of the App 
for iOS and Android
is available from Summer 2015


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