Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Objective: freshness & hydration

Summer is here and it is time to bring in some new additions to our skin care routine. As our skin still needs hydration but also needs lighter textures and freshness!
Skin is also subjected daily to free radicals (stress, UV, weather conditions ) this is why is important to protect it, antioxidants can do this. Garnier is presenting some new  products which are particularly great for Summer because of the freshness and hydration they provide all while protecting and soothing skin. Welcome to the new HYDRA BOMB products: a gel-like day cream  and a gel-like night cream which are super-hydrating and cointain antioxidants. As well as the new Micellar Water in Oil All-in-One formulated with nourishing oils it removes make-up in a flash and the new L'Oréal Huile Extraordinaire Night Cream-Masque which also thanks to nourishing oils and royal jelly nourishes and repairs skin during the night.
Wonderful new additions to our Summer skin care routine!

3-in-1 Day Care

This moisturiser gives skin the hydration it needs while protecting 
it from the external aggressions.
The texture is ultra-light and feels really fresh and pleasant on the skin, it penetrates quickly and hydrates all day long.
It cointain two antioxidants superfruit extracts: Amla and Pomegranate and also provides UVA/UVB protection. Skin is smoother and wrinkles appear reduced.

Night Care

This night moisturiser deeply hydrates as well as replumping the look of fine lines.
It has a gel-cream  lightweight texture and feels really fresh on the skin. It feels lovely no greasy or sticky effect. It has a very effective hydrating formula which combines two antioxidants superfruit extracts Amla and Pomegranate.
Skin really feels smooth and appears fresher.


This Micellar Water is formulated with nourishing oils cleansing and nourishing skin in one step without rinsing.
The micelles capture impurities just like a magnet and lift away dirt from skin and dissolving all types of makeup even waterproof one.
Skin is left perfectly cleaned, soft without greasy feeling.

Night Cream-Masque

This night cream nourishes and repairs skin during the night to reveal radiant skin in the morning.
With essential oils of rose, lavender and argan which are known for their intensive nourishing properties and regenarting royal jelly. During the night skin is hydrated and soothed. From the first application skin is hydrated and feels soft to the touch.
It can be used as night care or as a mask for dry skin. 

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