Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Welcome to Switzerland A-DERMA!

We all at some point in our life suffered from fragile and delicate skin. A-Derma the French brand now available in Switzerland combine the use of  Rhealba Oats and dermatological expertise. A-Derma is a unique dermo-cosmetic brand which uses plants caters for all skin types and is particularly ideal for skin which is dry sensitive and prone to irritations.
Rhealba Oats is at the heart of every A-Derma products thanks to its perfect pureness and its exceptional properties of soothing active ingredients.
 It is a fact that 24% of the European population suffers from dryness or itching, often associated with fragile skin. 100% of Europeans say they had, at some point, rough skin.
The causes can be many and varied, it  may be a naturally dry skin, a baby's skin or ultra-sensitive skin. Sometimes factors such as stress, pollution or climate conditions can cause discomfort to our skin.
Whatever the cause skin barrier can become more sensitive and can be prone to irritation.

A-Derma was founded by pharmacist Pierre Fabre in the south-west of France. The brand still operates today under his company. He saved Rhealba Oats from extinction, which today is among the plants it protects. It is grown in Terre d'Avoine, near Castres, his place of origin.
Now, 24 products in total, spread across 7 different ranges (Exomega, Originels Care, Epithelial, Dermalibour, Phys-AC, and Rheacalm Hydralba) are introduced to Switzerland.
You can find A-Derma in Switzerland exclusivelay at Amavita, Coop Vitality and Sun Store pharmacies.

Let's discover one of A-Derma ranges: Exomega and one of the products of this range which has been specifically developed for atopic and very dry skin.

Exomega - the specially designed care for atopic and very dry skin

Every day, the skin is exposed to multiple climatic stress. Stress or a weakened
 immune system can also cause skin irritation. The Exomega range from
A-Derma offers proper care, because it is especially designed for dry and atopic skin.
Atopic and very dry skin is extremely fragile therefore it must be looked after each day by applying an emollient skin care.
Exomega is the primary care-based on extract of Rhealba seedlings,
with calming and immuno-regulatory properties.

Emollient Cream

This sterile emollient care for very dry and atopic skin reduces dryness as well as calming irritations thanks to the Rhealba Oats Plantlets Extracts. Cointaning Vitamine B3 and Filaxérine it also helps to rebuild the skin barrier. It can be use on both face and body. It gives you a long-lasting relief from dryness. It is suitable for infants, children and adults.
It is free from parabens, fragrances and preservatives.
Available as 200 ml or 400 ml version.

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  1. I've been using the body and face cream for the past few days and I must say I really like it.