Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Innocent new Super Smoothies are here!

Energy is important, not only for sports. Innocent created the first vegan and lactose-free smoothies with soy protein. The new "Berry & Protein" and "Tropical & Protein" will give you a daily extra boost of energy whether is in sports or simply as extra boost while on the go. The vegetable protein helps build muscle, ensures strong bones and contributes to a balanced diet. With natural vitamin C, they also beat fatigue.

The innocent Super Smoothies consist of more than delicious fruit: they are powered by a lot of good ingredients such as vegetables, flaxseed, extra vitamins and now also soy protein. With the new "Berry & Protein" and "Tropical & Protein" Innocent brings  lactose-free, vegan smoothies on the market that provide with an extra protein boost from soy for even more power.

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