Monday, 19 September 2016

WELLA Professionals new Oil Reflections Light Oil

Not long ago I presented you Wella Professionals' premium Oil Reflections range and now there is a new addition to it: the new lightweight, light-reflecting oil which gives you the  advantages of a versatile oil without weighing hair down - a new luxury for fine hair.
If you have fine hair and you think the original Oil Reflection oil would be too heavy for your hair then you have to try this new gem!
The precious Oil Reflections collection of Wella Professionals gives immediate luminosity and up to three times smoother hair.  Now women with fine hair can also enjoy the full benefits of this luxurious collection thanks to the light version oil.
Precious Camellia oil gives the hair immediate care while preserving its lightweight structure. Inspired by the flawless brilliance of jewels  the oil catches each light and reflects it in luminous pearlescent effects. The
result: shiny, bouncy hair that feels beautiful and easy to style.
The delicately scented oil turns the daily care routine into a genuine pampering moment. It protects the hair from color fading as well as preventing degradation of the natural lipid layer and ensures for beautiful reflections.

Oil Reflections 
Light Oil
is available at your Wella Salon

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