Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Delicious gifts ideas from COOP Fine Food

The Holidays are coming and COOP has some delicious new products from the Fine Food range to delight us that also make for wonderful gifts for our loved ones.
Coop Fine Food is a line of refined culinary specialties created for special moments, to be enjoyed everyday and of course also in the festive season. Selected carefully, these products all have a story to tell, original gift ideas for gourmet lovers. As Christmas approaches, Coop expands its Fine Food assortment with new specialties.
Finding original gifts can become a real headache .What can you give to someone who already has everything? With its classics and novelties, Coop Fine Food gives you plenty of ideas to please just about anyone.

Trecce al limone

This pastry originates from the Puglia region and owes its name to its braided shape, "treccia" in Italian. Originally, "trecce" was prepared for baptisms and weddings: with their intertwined strands, these braids symbolized the link between God and the newborn and between God and the couple. The Fine Food "trecce" are handmade, as tradition dictates, in a small family business located in Puglia. The almonds, olive oil and white wine used to make them come from the region. The  Sicialia lemon comes to emphasize the slightly sweet note.

Crema di Nocciole

To find the origins of the Fine Food Hazelnut Cream, go to the Nebrodes Mountains, a limestone mountain range that stretches along the Sicilian coast famous for its highly fragrant hazelnuts, of the variety "Tonda di Sicilia ". It is in a small mountain village where a family business produces "crema di nocciole" with these famous grilled hazelnuts and melting cocoa. The hazelnut chips give the cream a unique crunchy texture, which will enhance your sandwiches and desserts in a special way this Christmas.

Wasabi Coated Pistachios

To prepare this snack, the pistachios are roasted before being coated with a green paste with wasabi, spicy specialty that comes from Thailand, but has more and more fans in Europe. The wasabi grows in the wild on the banks of streams. Cultivating this full-bodied green root requires a lot of work.

Baci di Dama Fine Food

The "Baci di Dama" ("kissing lady" in Italian) are delicious petits fours that come from the Piedmontese town of Tortona, located in the province of Turin. These are two small hazelnut cookies joined by a chocolate cream, which evoke lips ready to kiss. These "baci" are handcrafted in the south of Tuscany, in a family bakery owned by the third generation. The aromas of roasted hazelnuts marry perfectly with the bitter notes of dark chocolate.

Caponata Fine Food

This very singing name refers to a specialty of grilled vegetables, sweet and sour at the same time, which can be enjoyed as cold antipasto or on bruschette, hot as a side dish with pasta or fish. This delicious "caponata" is specially prepared for Fine Food in a traditional family business in Sicily. Local, sun-ripened vegetables are washed and diced by hand and then grilled to different degrees of cooking to keep each ingredient in optimal consistency. Then pine nuts, fresh grapes, capers, basil and oregano are added to flavor everything. Finally, the mixture is caramelized with sugar and then wetted with wine vinegar to obtain the sweet and sour taste typical of caponata. Extra Vergine olive oil DOP Monte Etna brings the final touch to this specialty.

Fine Food hampers: to please those we love

Those who do not wish to be limited to a single product can offer their loved ones an hamper full of gourmet specialties. From mid-November and for all the Christmas period, larger Coop supermarkets, Coop City food stores and Coop @ home will offer hampers in two sizes or in the form of two different gift sets full of delicious treats.

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