Wednesday, 21 November 2018

New! DERMALIBOUR+ Barrier Protective cream

The DERMALIBOUR + line from the French dermo cosmetics brand A-Derma is a real expert for all types of dry skin irritations and is suitable for the whole family. Rhealba® seed extract is the main ingredient and is found in every products as it is known for its calming, regenerating and balancing effects.
So far the line consisted of a cleansing gel and a repairing cream irritations and studies have shown that irritations significantly improved after the first application. But what to do when the irritations occur again and again? What can we do to prevent them?
A-Derma is giving us the new DERMALIBOUR + Barrier cream. The cream goes to create  a protective veil and feels just like a second skin on the sensitive parts of the body. The cream insulates and protects against all types of skin irritations. The silicone-free formulation contains beeswax which forms a natural protective film on the skin. Triglycerides and herbal oils supply skin valuable lipids and vegetable glycerin ensures a optimal moisture intake. In addition, copper inhibit and zinc bacterial growth.

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