Saturday, 11 January 2014

7 for all mankind jeans

Today I went to fox town a designer outlet to go to my favourite jeans store 7 for all mankind.
I was so happy that sales were on!
I have got two pairs of jeans a black pair and a pale green/acqua colour, they will be great come Spring/Summer!
Some of you have asked me why are these jeans so special.. Well what I know is that they have a great fit and they feel great on! I always had great difficulties in finding a pair of jeans that fit right! Well these jeans do!!
Since buying my first pair it is basically all I wear for jeans I now own almost 10 pairs.


  1. 7ns are the best. Really! I love them too. Perfect fit, color and material! The ones you chose are beautiful. Can't wait for spring.
    Especially this morning I hear the birds singing very loud outside :))
    So spring is near!

    Ps. It's me freyalessa (IG), my blog not open yet. But I'm working on it.
    Love yours it's great!

  2. Thanks so much sweety, I love 7 for all mankind jeans! I have almost 10 pairs and counting..haha