Monday, 18 August 2014

La Prairie NEW Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare

La Prairie's latest breakthrough: Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare. The newest member of La Prairire coveted Platinum Collection showcases incredible technology and revolutionary delivery system to transform the eye area.

There is no denying that expressions and emotions are evident on out faces and especially around the delicate eye area where the skin is thin and prone to aggravation and aging.
Proper care of the eye area is essential to ensure ageless look for years to come.
The new Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare features a powerful Platinum Peptide, a compounf based on on Platinum particles bonded with an age-fighting Tetrapeptide to help enhance firmness, reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the eye area and improve elasticity and hydration.
It also contains Colloidal Platinum Water to stabilize skin's balance, as Platinum's natural anti-oxidant activity helps to neutralize free radicals, restoring balance to the skin.

Used alone or layered with Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare, La Prairie Eye Essence Platinum Rare transforms your eyecare routine.

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