Thursday, 27 November 2014

Dr.Hausckha miniatures kits : something for everyone!

I would like to talk about this great Dr.Hauschka Miniature Kits, and in more detail : Harmony Kit, Freshness & Energy Kit and Face Care Kit.
They all cointain different miniature Dr.Hauschka products and I find they make the perfect gift for a friend or your loved one in need of relaxation or energy but are also a great way to try some products before committing to buy the regular size and also are perfect for travelling!

Let's see these kits in more details:


This is the kit helps you feel relaxed, nurtured and enveloped in an envy of fragrances.
It gives you peace and tranquillity thanks to the fragrances of roses which pamper the senses , the velvety warm sandalwood and the harmonising properties of lavender.
Indulge the senses with pure body oils, moisturising body washes, alluring bath essences and rich body lotions.


Add a spring to your step at the start of your day, stimulate your senses and revitalize body and mind thanks to the skincare benefit of lemon oil, lemongrass and quince.
Invigorating natural fragrances giving renewed energy while also moisturising skin.


Suitable for all skin types except oily or acne it cointains Dr.Hauschka much loved face care products. Perfect way to get introduced to the range, the miniature products in the face care kit will keep your skin fresh, clean and supple.

Dr.Hauschka Miniatures kits are available now!

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