Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Fit'n'Tasty : the healthy way to enjoy food

A while ago I was sent some organic detox juices from a new Swiss company called Fit'n' Tasty to try.
First of all let me tell you a bit more about the company, Fit'n' Tasty was born with the idea of healthy eating but to also enjoy the food so no crazy diets in order to get your greens or to have a balanced diet.
Fit'n' Tasty offers diet plans, detox juices plans , plans to discover superfood,etc but all done in a fun, healthy way!

The organic detox juices I was sent are perfect to revitalise and detox your body after a time of over indulgence with food.
These are the options for your detox:

- 5 o 6 juices (mix of fruits and veg) a day, cold pressed
- choice of duration ( 1, 3 or 5 days)
- selection of local organic fruits and veg
- home delivered in Switzerland

I have tried the 1 day detox program which included:

Juice 1: ginger, lemon, water
Juice 2: apple, pear, spinach, cucumber, spirulin
Juice 3: carrot, apple, kiwi
Juice 4: beetroot, apple, carrot, parsley, lemon
Juice 5: pear, celery, cucumber, lemon, lettuce

The plan is really easy to follow, as the juices are numbered so you know the order to follow. I basically had the first juice as soon as I got my juices delivered. You should get them delivered to your  door before 9 o' clock so you have them fresh and ready for your detox! Then I had the second juice also in the morning and for lunch just a light meal. I had a salad but if you feel you are lacking ideas you can check out the healthy recipes on Fit'n'Tasty website.

I had the rest of the juices throughout the day. I must say my favourite was the carrot, apple and kiwi and I struggled a bit with the beetroot one.. But that is just my personal taste.
Anyway it was easier than I thought doing the one-day detox plan, also because I have tried to follow the recommandations on the site about how to prepare for the detox already one or two day ahead, so even if you are new to detox you should still be able to do it easily and with no problems! Detox does so much good to your body, by giving it a boost and will get all the vitamins from the fruits and veg and  be full of energy!
I would advice anyone to try it, start detoxing!

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