Monday, 24 November 2014

Stars were shining bright at the Stars for Switzerland event!

Last week I was invited to take part to a great event held by Stars for Europe in Zurich.
Stars for  Europe is as stated on their website:

"It is a marketing initiative founded by European poinsettia breeders Dümmen GmbH, Syngenta Seeds BV, Dümmen Group BV and Selecta Klemm GmbH & Co. KG. The initiative began in 2000 with the aim to promote and ensure long term European poinsettia sales. Stars for Europe activities take place in 16 European countries.
Since 2011, the marketing initiative has been supported by the EU in some countries."

Year after year come Christmas time the Poinsettia make its come back and the Stars for Europe have created wonderful arrangements and decorations with the Poinsietta. This year, inspired by the Grimm fairytales like Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White.

As center piece on your dinner table or in glass Christmas baubles Poinsietta is really the Star of Christmas, the must have in every house!

Well at the Stars for Switzerland Event we gathered to enjoy a wonderful night in good company and with a wonderful Christmas atmosphere thanks to the beautiful looking Poinsettias. We all enjoyed a glass of Glühwein while admiring the wonderful red Poinsettias.
We weren't there just to look however.. as we soon got busy decorating the wonderful Poinsettias.
Florist Maya present at the event, provided us with great information and advices on how to care for the Poinsettia at home and also gave us great guidance on how to decorate our Poinsettia.
We all picked one and started decorating the vase, Maya gave us some great ideas on different possibilities: with felt, with cinnamon sticks, with wooden sticks..great inspirations!

Christmas was in the air at the 
Stars for Switzerland Event!

Maya the florist with a wonderful Poinsettia

Maya showing us the different options to decorate our

Picking my Poinsettia to decorate

We all got ourselves to work on our Poinsettias, some choose to decorate it with cinnamon sticks or some green herbs, I decided to go for the felt option as I really liked the look of it and I thought it would look good in my living room.
I started by cutting a few pieces of  of the felt and then just wrapped it around the vase while folding some pieces down just to make it look nicer. The important thing is to hide the top of the vase with a bit of the felt. Then I kept the felt together by using a piece of string and just kept wrapping it around it. 
I decorated the inside with some pine cones and a Christmas bauble..that is it my Poinsettia is ready to take centre stage on my dining table! Try it yourself, it is really easy and really makes a great impact!

Some of the possible decorations for the vase

Pine Cones

At work!

Finishing touches..

The  raw materials to decorate

My Poinsettia is ready!

Very pleased with the result!

Some of the pics courtesy of Grayling and Stars for Europe

Thanks Stars for Europe for the great event!

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