Thursday, 4 December 2014

Lalique Noir Premier Collection

Lalique is proud to present you with its " Lalique Noir Premier Collection" a collection of five luxurious fragrances plus one created especially for Harrods that connect the past and the present of the brand.

History and tradition are very important for Lalique, that is why each fragrance celebrates a milestone in the history of Lalique.
Next to the name on the luxurious bottle a year crucial for the brand's heritage is visible.
E.g. 1905 the year which celebrates parfumer François Coty meeting René Lalique and was an inspiration for him to start creating luxury fragrances.
The six fragrances Fleur Universelle (1900), Terres Aromatiques (1905), Rose Royal (1935), Sculpteur d'Epices (1945) created especially for Harrods, Fruits du Mouvement (1977) and Elegance Animal (1989) are timeless and truly outstanding.

The beautifully designed bottle in luxurios gold and black tones, emphasizes the style and timeless elegance of Lalique.
Lalique Noir Premier Collection is available at :

Lalique Boutique, Zurich
Jelmoli, Zurich
Boutique Touzeau, Geneva and Montreux

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