Sunday, 13 December 2015

Home sweet Home: spread the cheer in your home with some beautiful Poinsettias

The Holidays are getting close so it is  the time to decorate our homes and Poinsettia certainly makes a beautiful addition to our Christmas decorations.
You might know it as the "Christmas Star", Poinsettia is really the Queen plant of Christmas and really a must-have on any table. Providing a wonderful splash of colour , it will surely bright up your home and help you create a magical Christmas Atmosphere.
Of course Poinsettias are beautiful as they are but why not be a little more creative and try to arrange them in a different way this Christmas?
Poinsettias come in a wide range of colours and sizes so you are sure to find one to suit your style and taste.
My personal favourite is the classic red one and it is also the one I have picked to create a beautiful centrepiece for my Holiday sweet table which I am going to show you on this post.

I am a huge fan of classic decorations so for me red is definetely THE colour for Christmas. For this reason I have picked the red Poinsettia as part of my Christmas decorations in my home. Red Poinsettias bring a major colour burst all around the house plus the plants are very easy to care for so you are sure to have fresh red foliage through the festive season.

I decided to make and advent calendar for myself this year and also give it a floral twist by adding some Poinsettias! Doesn't it look gorgeous?
So bright and cheerful! I filled each bag with Poinsettias flowers, sweets, ornaments and treats.


What better than a beautiful red Poinsettia as centrepiece on my Holiday table? I will try to make it even more tempting and appealing by pairing with some sweet treats! Yes, you have heard me right, Poinsettia and  sweets.. I think your little ones will thank you as well as your guests!
Ever so easy to arrange anyone can do it! And the result frankly speaks for itself..

Here the easy step to step guide on how to make your beautiful Sweet Christmas Poinsettia:

Material: two glass vases of the same shape but different sizes, a beautiful large Poinsettia, sweets or chocolates, a few pines branches and some decorative items.

Place the smaller vase inside the larger one and fill the space inbetween with sweets, chocolates or candies.
Arrange your Poinsettia bouquet in the inner vase, adding the pines branches and your decorative items.

Your Poinsettia filled of sweet treats is ready and it is certainly a tempting sight! Everyone is going to love it!

For more info and decorations ideas
 on Poinsettia

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