Monday, 7 December 2015

With RIMUSS and FRIZZ it is time to toast to the Holiday Season!

Holidays are here so it is party time and celebration time! For the most wonderful time of the year we better be ready with some fantastic drinks both to offer to family and friends but also to enjoy ourselves.
And what better than a champagne alternative but with no alcohol? The new RIMUSS SECCO is the smart alternative to Champagne or Prosecco. Made from  sparkling grapes juice and non-alcoholic wine is less sweet than the original RIMUSS making it really appealing to an adult audience.
So if you have been invited to a Christmas Party or to an aperitif but you are driving ? No problem, why not bring a bottle of RIMUSS SECCO : 0% alcohol, 100 % pleasure!!


Who doesn't know RIMUSS? The iconic Swiss bubbly drink loved by young and old during the Holiday Season! I used to love it as a child as RIMUSS gave me the oppurtunity to toast and cheer with my family, I used to really look forward to the Holidays as I knew that like every year RIMUSS would be on our table!
Growing up however tastes changes, and I find RIMUSS now a little too sweet for my taste. So you can imagine how excited I was about the new RIMUSS SECCO. 
It cointains about half of the sugar of  RIMUSS Party therefore is perfectly suited to adults' taste.


If think you can't give up the idea of an alcoholic aperitif I would suggest the new FRIZZ SPUMANTE.
A sparkling and fruity cocktail wine Italian Style!
I love it already!
Directly from Italy FRIZZ SPUMANTE is made of Italian Rosé, peach juice and natural aromas of peach.
Its bright orange and red colour makes us think of ripe peaches and when opened it hits you with some  bitter and fruity notes to then reveal an elegant harmony while tasting to leave you with a persistent full-bodied taste.
It is the perfect enjoyed on its own or as a base for mixing cocktails.
For a a true Italian Aperitif, enjoy it on the rocks with a slice of orange and serve with olives, parmiggiano cheese and some ciabatta bread!

are available now

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  1. I was really pleasantly surprised by how sophisticated and grown-up the alcohol-free prosecco tastes!