Monday, 21 December 2015

Poppy Delevigne's Tipps on planning your Holiday Party with a little help of JO MALONE

Chestnuts are roasting on that open fire, the snow is falling outside.. and soon you’ll be caught kissing your loved one under the mistletoe. With only a few days to Christmas it is important  to get started on setting the ambiance for your Holiday party. So you’ve probably got all your menu planned and all the decorations are up but yet you could do with some extra few tipps to make your Christmas party really special.

Images courtesy of Jo Malone

 Poppy Delevingne together with JO MALONE is sharing her tipps on how you can make your Christmas party one to remember. “The fun is in the detail. Prepare…then party on.”

TWO DAYS BEFORE: “Open a diffuser and let it work its magic on your home. This is the fabulous foundation of your party mood.”
A DAY BEFORE: “Get your music and playlist people! It’s Christmas, make it joyful. I go for  Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé for starters. Call me cheesy—I don’t care. Then take a giant candle, one of those enormous ones, and put it in the middle of the room or on a mantelpiece. Weave the winter foliage all around it and people will marvel at your creativity. After all, why be subtle when you can be spectacular?”

Image courtesy of Jo Malone

 THREE HOURS BEFORE: “My house isn’t the only thing that needs some prep. It’s time get myself spruced. I’ll have a long hot bath with a big splash of Jo Malone’s Red Roses Bath Oil and a candle lit—the calm before the storm. Then I’ll smother myself in my Body Crème in Red Roses too, it helps my scent last all night. Finally I’ll use my Tuberose Angelica Cologne for a hot, evening mood. Spritz where you want to be kissed.”

TWO HOURS BEFORE: “Place candles around your front door and all around the house. Light them early so the scent has time to diffuse and admire the theatrical glow. (Now you’re a set designer, who knew?)”

Image courtesy of Jo Malone

AT THE PARTY: “Make an entrance. Waft down the stairs smelling amazing after a quick spritz. Then keep a little 30ml Cologne on hand—you never know when you might need it. Have a few Ultimate Christmas Crackers lying around for pulling when things (and people) start to get merry, they’re madly oversized and festive.”
Last but not least hang some mistletoe and make it a.. #HAPPYKISSMAS

Image courtesy of Jo Malone

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