Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Collistar presents its sun screens for hyper-sensitive skins

I am getting ready for my holiday in a week or so and of course sun screen are very much a topic. Lately I have been testing Collistar sun screen range for hyper-sensitive skins and I have been really satisfied. My skin is definetely very sensitive and I am always on the hunt for the perfect sun screen. Collistar sun screens range for hyper sensitive skins are all free of parabens, perfumes, colouring, alcohol, silicones and know allergens mineral oil and nickel. Collistar has developed its sun screens for hyper-sensitive skin all in association with the University of Siena in Italy.
The formulas of the sun screen are cutting-edge and they give you the safety of next-generation filters.
The textures are ultra light, are easily absorbed and don't leave any white marks.

Active Protection Sun Face Cream SPF 50+
for hyper-sensitive skins

Especially created to use on the face this Sun cream contains Carnosine which prevents the degradation of collagen and the other dermal proteins on which the skin's elasticity and compactness depend. It also contains Citrus unshiu which is effective to fight brown spots.
The cram can also be used on delicate areas such as eye contour, neck, bust and décolleté.

Active Protection face and body Sun Cream SPF 50 +
for hyper-sensitive skins

This sun cream is ideal for both face and body and it boasts a formula at the forefront of research with Opuntia Extract rich in flavonoids, mucilages, polysacchararides and vitamins which give you a hydrating, antioxidizing and soothing effect. The cream is water-resistant and thanks to the high SPF protects active protection against UVA/UVB damages and assures an intense anti-free radical and anti-age action.

Ultra Soothing After Sun Repair Treatment
for hyper-sensitive skins

This after sun cream provides an ultra-soothing action thanks to the combination of Opuntia extract. Skinasensyl and a mix of phytosterols. It helps in reducing redness and soothes skin, providing an immediate feel of well-being. Thanks to the Matrixin-Complex it also stimulates the natural self-repair process of the skin. The cream is ultra nourishing and helps in prolonging the tan. It can be used on face and body and it is also suitable for children.

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