Thursday, 17 August 2017

The numbers of Locarno70

 The extraordinary general meeting of the 70th edition of the Locarno Festival, chaired by President Marco Solari ended with a positive balance.
The Artistic Direction, the Operations Department and the President expressed their full satisfaction with the strong artistic programme , increased public awareness and an important presence in national and international media. A great deal of satisfaction was also expressed by deputy major Paolo Caroni, who said that thanks to the new facilities, GranRex and PalaCinema, the city wants to consolidate the event beyond the eleven days of the Festival.
Great satisfaction expressed also by Aldo Merlini, President of the Tourism Organization of Lake Maggiore and Valleys (OTLMV), and Aldo Rampazzi, Chairman of the Tourist Board of Ticino (ATT), who underlined the importance of the event for the Tourism sector, which this year has seen the sold out at the hotel's in the region.

Photo credit: Locarno Festival

Total viewers (2-12 August)
174,000 (+ 8.07% compared to 2016)

+ 15%

 Print + Photographs
+ 3.4%

+ 13%


- 3.4%

+ 7.4%

 Global professional credits (professional, cultural, juries, delegations, industry, companions)
+ 15.5%

+ 6.8%


 Social Media - # Locarno70
27'432'921 reach (+ 34.5%)
98'474'184 impressions (+ 26.4%)

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