Monday, 11 September 2017

This is why Starbucks wrote 99 on their mugs

Starbucks celebrates 99% of sustainable coffee and thus confirms its intention to purchase 100% fair trade coffee and its commitment to make coffee the world's first agricultural product.
 9th September 2017 was a day to celebrate: Starbucks celebrated its unique position of being the largest coffee merchant, which obtains 99% of sustainable coffee. The Starbucks partners (employees) have brought attention to sustainable coffee cultivation on September 9th at Starbucks Coffeehouses in Switzerland and in Europe with the "99" mug inscription.
One of the cornerstones of coffee procurement in Starbucks are the so-called C.A.F.E. (Coffee and Farmer Equity) Guidelines developed together with Conservation International over 15 years ago. These sustainability guidelines for the cultivation and trade of coffee form an important framework for the farmers who supply Starbucks and make a significant contribution to the fact that Starbuck's coffee is produced sustainably and is fairly traded. Already over one million farmers and workers on four continents produce coffee according to these C.A.F.E. Guidelines.
 The C.A.F.E guidelines stipulate that the entire Starbucks coffee must be subject to the following standards:
· Economy - transparency in the supply chain, demonstrable fair pay for the coffee farmers
· Social responsibility - Ensuring safe and fair working and living conditions for workers, access to medical care and the promotion of schooling for children
· Quality - all Arabica coffees must meet the high quality requirements of Starbucks
· Ecological pioneering role - for the preservation and protection of agriculture and natural waters

"For more than 15 years, Conservation International has been cooperating with Starbucks to ensure the cultivation of sustainable coffee. Since then, we have been working together to make sure that from the coffee tree to the cup, 99 percent of Starbucks coffee is sustained. We are very proud to be celebrating this together with Starbucks today and are looking forward to reaching the 100 percent together. "
Kelly Goodejohn, Starbuck's director of ethical sourcing says, "From the beginning, Starbucks was striving to get only the best, ethically-produced coffee from Arabica beans. Starbucks has invested more than $ 100 million in the support of agricultural communities. Our procurement strategy makes it possible to ensure our supply chain and guarantee the long-term supply to high-quality coffee. In addition, strong, sustainable agricultural communities can be created for future generations. We are very pleased to celebrate 99% sustainable coffee with our customers around the world . The lack of 1 per cent has nevertheless an important importance, as our model of sustainable coffee allows us to set new standards for agricultural communities in the regions and thus achieve our 100 per cent goal. "

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