Monday, 25 September 2017

LIERAC presents PREMIUM the absolute anti-aging skincare

Say goodbye to aging skin! Thanks to the results of the research on stem cells, LIERAC has developed a new generation of anti-aging care and presents the PREMIUM line. Inspired by the FOXO protein, also known as the "longevity protein" is a new combination of active ingredients that stimulate and repair the skin.
Thanks to advances in stem cell research, it is now possible to understand in-depth regeneration and cellular growth processes of the skin.
The FoxOx protein (Forkhead box) plays a major role in the formation of new tissues and
among others, as a "control system" for all stem cells in the epidermis, dermis and melanocytes (pigmentary cells of the basal layer of the epidermis). Inspired by the properties of the FoxO protein, LIERAC developed the Cellular Premium Complex, a unique new combination of active ingredients that enhance the function of the FoxO protein in the skin. The signs of aging of the skin are thus stopped from the inside and outside. A unique combination of high-tech active ingredients such as FX hexapeptide, terpenoids, black flower extracts (black orchid, pink Black Baccara, black poppy), reactivates the protein FoxO in the skin and contributes to its repair.  
Hexapeptide FX acts against skin aging. This active principle has a chemical structure identical to the FoxO protein and acts similarly on the longevity of the cells. It helps to revive the cell regeneration. Terpenoids are molecules with protective and healing properties, which repair damaged cells and rejuvenate the skin. Extracts of rare black flowers provide protection and rebalance the skin barrier.

La Crème Soyeuse

This nourishing cream combines anti-wrinkle 
performance of hyaluronic acid solution 
and 5% Relaxor Bx Complex and 8.5%  Premium Cellular Complex
 Enriched with a moisturizing and matifying concentrate
(10%), this silky cream melts in the skin and 
corrects the appearance of all visible signs of aging
wrinkles, loss of density and elasticity, impurities,
pigment spots and uneven comlpexion.

La Crème Regard

The multi-corrector eye care regenerates thanks to the Premium Cellular complex. 
It corrects the appearance of all visible signs of aging such as deep wrinkles, loss of firmness, eyelid slackening, puffiness, dark circles and dark spots.
It smoothes the eye contour and illuminates the look.

Premium Sérum Régénerant

This serum helps correct the visible 
signs of aging thankst to its protecting and repairing action.
It cointains 10% pure hyaluronic 
acid solution, botanical microspheres 
and black flowers extracts all in a delicious melt-in formula.

Le Masque Suprême

This creamy textured mask works wonders against wrinkles, loss of density, skin sagging and complexion irregularities.
It gives you an immediate replumping effect and complexion is sublimated thanks to the soft-focus micro-pigments.

La Crème Voluptuese Jour & Nuit

This voluptuos cream helps correct all the 
visible signs of aging thanks to its retexturizing, redensifying and protecting properties.
It blends the wrinkle-fighting action of 
hyaluronic acid and 5% B-Relaxor Complex 
with black flowwer extracts for effective nutritive and anti-oxidant benefits.
Reveal a gorgeous and glowing complexion.

is available at
Amavita Pharmacies
Sun Store
 and Coop Vitality

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