Monday, 11 September 2017

ZADIG & VOLTAIRE present their new fragrances Just Rock!

ZADIG & VOLTAIRE present their new fragrances for his and hers Just Rock!.
The two new fragrances tingle on the skin, one name, two vibes, free spirits. Just Rock! is to the first two fragrances what the Deluxe collection is to the Zadig & Voltaire world of fashion. 
Two shattered bottle come together as one, a true piece of art in solid metal glass. A textured, rock feel in black for him and white for her.
The feminine fragrance can be defined as gourmand woody floriental. Very feminine with white notes of patchouli swept up in incense, top notes of tuberose and a heart of white jasmine absolute and gourmand black vanilla. The perfume is sensual and intense.
The masculine fragrance on the other hand can be defined as spicy woody oriental. With black notes of ambered patchouli swept up in incense and a heart of black vanilla and Tonka bean tinged with spicy notes. The perfume is intense and woody perfect for a mysterious, charming man.
Rock is in the air!
Just Rock! is available as 30ml, 50 ml and 100 ml.

Just Rock!
is available now

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