Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Have a break with Starbucks Chilled Classics!

September is here and that can mean only one thing: Summer is coming to an end and is time to get back to work, school or in general back to real life! Of course it is not always easy to get back into the routine after you had some time off or holidays but I find the secret for me is to try to get back into things slowly and to take regular breaks. This I find  really helps in coping with post holiday stress and in being more productive.
Of course I enjoy my breaks even more if I have with me my favourite Starbucks Chilled Classics!
They are fast becoming part of my daily routine and I make them my well deserved treat after a busy morning or during a long train ride to events. I make sure I always have some with me in my backpack or bag whenever I am on the go so I can enjoy a delicious coffee drink anytime!
And if you are worrying about your waistline after all that holiday indulging don't worry as you can enjoy the Starbucks Chilled Classics Skinny Latte with at least 30% less sugar than most Ice coffees is surely a guilt-free treat!
Plus the Chilled Classics Skinny Latte is also lactose-free making it a lot easier to digest and the perfect drink to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere!

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