Monday, 7 August 2017

My travelling tips for a stress free holiday!

The month of August for me means only one thing: time for holidays and travelling of course! If you like me you have booked your holiday while you were hybernating last Winter sitting on your cozy your sofa you have probably just been counting the days left to take off ever since. So all set on the booking but not so much on the actual packing and travelling prep?
Here are my top tips for travelling stress free this Summer!

  • Plan ahead and relax! 
By this time you surely have all your documents and boarding passes printed out so there no need to stress out. Patience is a virtue and surely your best ally when travelling. Don't get stressed for delays or things that may go wrong, try to stay calm and find a solution. A clear mind and a smile are always a good way out of problems.

  • Allow plenty of time to get to the airport
This relate very much to the previous tip and is surely not less important. Making sure you allow yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, to park and to check-in will surely help in avoiding stress and of course missing your plane! After all it is peak season and you are not the only one who can't wait to get away so it is really important to allow extra time to get to the airport. If you are in hurry you are most likely to forget things and get stressed.

  • Have great quality luggage
When you are travelling your luggage is surely your dearest and most important possession and I make sure to have great quality luggage with me at any time. My suitcase is from American Tourister and you can get it on  it is part of the Disney Legend collection and it is not only super cute (and very easily identifiable at the airport luggage pick-up) but also a pleasure to carry around thanks to the smooth-rolling four wheels. I also love the fact that it has a comfortable push button wheel handle for extra ease and a fixed 3 digit combination lock for secure travel.
Of course if you are looking for a more classic type of luggage you can also find a great selection of suitcases such as Samsonite on the site.

  • Pack light
We all know we probably end up wearing only the half of the stuff we packed so let's try to pack smartly this time. Try to plan your outfits ahead so that you are sure not to overpack. My tip is to take clothes that can easily be mixed and matched together so that you can style them in many different ways and still look great. I also make sure to wear the heaviest items while I am travelling such as jeans and trainers  as they do take up most of the room in the suitcase. To pack light is also a great way to avoid the hefty extra luggage fees that airlines love so much.

  •  Don't forget to pack a scarf
A scarf of a sarong is my travel must-have! I always make sure I have one with me whenever I am travelling. It is such a useful and multi-purpose item. You can wrap it around you on the plane if you get cold or can also protect you from the sun once you get at destination. It even happened to me to use a scarf  to sit on the beach or as picnic blanket so for me they are true life-savers!

  • Have all your essential toiletries and medicines with you 

Everytime I travel I make sure I have all  my essentials toiletries and beauty products with me on the flight. Of course due to the liquid restrictions imposed by TSA this can be challenging but not at all impossible. I usually repack all my liquid toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and creams into travel friendly small cointainers which happily comply with the 100ml restriction for carry on toiletries or I buy the travel size version of my fav product if it is available. I also make sure to have some aspirins, vitamins and some travel sickness remedies with me.

  • Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight and holiday!

My featured suitcase is from 
American Tourister - Disney Legends
 and you can find it on

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