Thursday, 12 April 2018

Summer-Body ready with NUXE

Warmer days are ahead and let's face it we start thinking about Summer holidays and of course Summer body! Although I don't like to do anything dramatic I do like to try my best do get my body ready for Summer. This of course not only involves trying to be more active, drink lots of water and do more sport but also give my body some extra love and care. Lately I am trying to go for a run each day and when I come back there is nothing that I enjoy more than a warm soak in the bath and then pamper my body! While enjoying my favourite herbal tea I give my body a luxurious treat with NUXE Nuxuriance Ultra Body Cream. The cream is voluptuosly rich and gives you an intense nourishing effect. The rich texture really gives you velvety soft skin while leaving a delicate perfume of floral notes on skin. Nuxuriance Ultra Body Cream thanks to the ultimate anti-aging innovation also corrects the 5 major signs of skin aging. Thanks to the concentrated power of Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-Floral Cells it delivers great results. Skin is firmer, more toned and smoother. And to treat those stubborn areas (especially on hips and thighs) lately I am using NUXE Body-Contouring Oil Anti-Dimpling. Enriched in 9 essential oils this body oil helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, while toning and refining hips and thighs. The road towards a Summer-ready body is still long ahead but surely I found some great allies with NUXE Nuxuriance Ultra Body Cream and Body-Contouring Oil.

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