Wednesday, 11 April 2018

How do you like your morning?

How do you like your morning? Coffee belongs to those who get up early: for the Swiss, the morning coffee comes before breakfast or even a few more hours of sleep and it occupies the first place in the daily morning ritual. Let's face it all of us have different morning routines from going for a jog, reading the news or checking mails coffee is usually on everyone's list of priorities!
However when it comes about coffee, not everyone likes it in the same way, as shown from a recent Nespresso survey. There are difference in the size of the cup as Swiss Italians and people from the Romandie will tend to prefer a short and strong coffee while Swiss Germans usually prefer a longer coffee.
During the week, the Swiss give great importance to starting the day with a coffee. Time for moments of relaxation before embarking on the hectic pace of everyday life and to sleep long enough come respectively in second and third position. Age is an important factor here: while 16-29 year olds are more concerned about getting enough sleep, the ritual of coffee seems to gain in importance with age. Surprisingly, even though Switzerland is considered a nation attached to breakfast, the latter is mentioned only in fifth position.
For their morning coffee, about half of Swiss opt for an option with milk: 62% of respondents like to drink their coffee with milk, especially in German-speaking Switzerland (66%). Ticino follows where 63% of the population prepares its morning coffee by adding milk. With 49%, people from Romandy tend to consume a little less coffee in the morning than the rest of the country. 
With 5 varieties of Lungo coffee, Nespresso offers a selection of coffees of different intensities, perfect to be enjoyed in the morning in 100ml cups and great combined with milk if desired. The Lattissima One, a machine with an integrated milk emulsifier or the Aeroccino "stand alone" version for an aerated milk froth are also the perfect accessories to prepare a delicious latte at the touch of a button. The cups of the modern collection Pixie Lungo, available in different sizes and colors of dawn, or the Nespresso travel mug in the warm colors of wood, are the perfect addition to your morning coffee routine.

Photo courtesy of Nespresso

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