Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Bring Spring into your home with Yankee Candles!

Hello Spring! Time to change the house décor and to infuse some subtle-warm tones that will take our home from cozy into a breezy retreat! Fresher additions that help us getting rid of the Winter blues and really welcome Spring into our homes!
I personally do this by removing all Winter heavy fur throws and wolly pillows and swap them for lighter fabrics ones. I then store away all the dark colours ornaments and replace them with fresher colours ones this year I am loving pastels shades.
I also like to add some green to the house i.e. with a new leafy plant or fresh flowers as they can really get the house in a beautiful Spring mood. I personally love tulips but also love roses and cherry blossoms.
Of course the Spring transition includes also my beloved Yankee Candles as I am swapping my Winter scents with some new ones with Spring fragrances. I love to place them all around the house as they are really a great way to add fresh scents to the house and lift your mood, too! I am loving the new A Calm and Quiet Place with gentle Jasmine, patchouli and warmer musk it is just the perfect scent for a quiet night in. If you are a lover of sweet scents go for Sweet Nothing with warm vanilla, musk and amber. Another of my favourite new scents is definetely Rainbow Cookie. Not only I love the baby pink colour of the candle but also the citrus, peach and sweet vanilla frosting fragrance it releases in the house. Perfect for Spring is also Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose bringing a full bloom scent of lush apricot and soft petals.

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