Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The secret for beautiful healthy nails? Sally Hansen!

The secret for beautiful nails? Of course healthy nails! Sally Hansen is coming to our rescue with a collection of Nail Care products now with a new design and three brand new products: Nail Rehab, Nail Nutrition and Cuticle Massage Cream. So it is time to get on your way to beautiful healthy nails that don't break, split or peel. Send your damaged nails to rehab with the Sally Hansen Nail Rehab. Thanks to Jasmin, Rose and Vitamin E it strenghtens and protects nails. Sally Hansen Nail Rehab gives you stronger and healthy-looking nails while protecting them from further damages. A real must-have for me! Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Bamboo is a nail strengthener for instantly stronger and more resilient nails. It really helps nails to prevent breakages and peeling. If you like me have troubles with dry cuticles you will love the Cuticle Massage Cream. It is a treat for your cuticles as it is infused with apricot oil and therefore deeply moisturize rough cuticles. It is quickly absorbed and it prevents drying and cracking as well as conditioning and soothing. Now your nails are ready for some colour! Pick your favourite colour between the 36 beautiful shades of Color Therapy that care while you wear!
The patented argan oil formula ensures for intensive nourishment and instant moisture for beautiful healthy nails. 

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