Tuesday, 1 May 2018


 Life becomes faster and time more and more precious. Between work, household and family, women crave little time off. However, rest and relaxation often end up at the end of the to-do list, as does pampering the hair, which sooner or later will take its tool: hair feels strained, tired and dull. Wella Professionals has therefore developed INVIGO, a highly effective, invigorating hair care for women to pamper their hair.
INVIGO strengthens and invigorates hair and the well-being effects are immediate. Great results in a flash - this is the credo of the premium line, which integrates hair care specifically into the  busy modern lifestyle.

" Hectic everyday life leaves women with hardly any time to take care of their hair. The express service with the new INVIGO boosters gives you visibly well-groomed hair in record speed. Professional hair care can not be simpler, faster and more effective. "
Jan Wagner (Global Brand Ambassador Wella Care INVIGO)

Not only at the salon, but also at home INVIGO ensures fast and effective care for beautiful hair and well-being. The name says it all: IN stands for advanced ingredients (innovative), VI for invigorating and GO for fast time off (on the go). Women can choose from six specialized care lines, each containing more than 76 percent natural or naturally derived ingredients, based on individual hair needs. They are based on unique INVIGO compositions that combine three components: high quality ingredients, advanced technologies and precious vitamins. Whether lime caviar, goji berries, cotton or lotus extract - every INVIGO product provides a real pampering experience!

Color Brilliance with lime caviar gives immediate color shine and up to
 seven weeks of color protection. 
The Color Brilliance Composition is a highly effective combination 
of copper-binding molecules, vitamin E and lime caviar that protect 
colored hair and preserve its luminosity. 
The line includes five premium products, most notably the Color Protection Shampoo 
which gives even fine hair brilliant shine and also the Miracle BB Spray and Leave-in-Balm that immediately ensure beautiful, unraveled and supple hair.

Volume Boost with Cotton Extract nourishes hair without weighing it down and 
visibly adds volume to it.
Volume Boost combines volumizing polymers and cotton extract
 in ultra-light formulations that give hair suppleness, stability and fullness, hair
 is easy to comb and with a healthy shine. 
The line comprises four premium products, most notably the Crystal Mask
 which ensures fullness, volume and combability.

Nutri Enrich with goji berries nourishes immediately
 and ensures smoother hair full of vitality. 
The Nutri-Enrich composition gives new vitality to dry or stressed hair. 
Panthenol and oleic acid give soothing moisture 
while vitamin E protects against further stress and goji berries provide
 a high content of valuable vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 
The line includes eight premium products,
 most notably the Wonder Balm that nourishes the hair immediately at depth

Blond Recharge with effective, color-retaining pigments gives 
blond hair freshness and luminosity. 
The intensive care formula strengthens the brilliance of natural, 
colored and brightened blond and exudes a gentle, floral scent. 
It preserves the colour for longer as well as preventing to get brassy. 
The line includes three premium products, 
most notably the Cool Blonde Color Refreshing 
which refreshes the multidimensional color of blonde tones 
and intensively nourishes the hair.

Color Recharge with effective, color-retaining pigments nourishes
 immediately and refreshes the luminosity of brunettes and reds. 
The intensive care formula with a gentle, floral scent enriches the hair with 
valuable color pigments and contributes to a longer color durability.
 In addition, it gives a supple hair feeling and radiant brilliance. 
The line includes three premium products.

Balance with lotus extract cleanses, refreshes and ensures healthy-looking hair. 
The innovative product technologies are perfectly tailored to the specific 
needs of the hair and scalp. 
The nourishing, revitalizing formulations rely on selected ingredients 
such as lotus extract, menthol and allantoin.
 The line includes five premium products.

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