Thursday, 7 June 2018

Beauty Cocktail for stressed hair: System Professional SP ReVerse

Transforming hair with care - hardly any other brand understands this as well as System Professional. A hectic lifestyle and stressful environmental factors can make the hair frizzy, dull and fragile. The result: The hair loses its elasticity and volume. That is why hair care specialist System Professional has created the ReVerse line which thanks  to its highly effective vitamin complex provides weak and dull hair with a true beauty cocktail.
Vitamin A, E and F nourish the cells and protect the hair from cell oxidation, free radicals and irreversible damage. Biotin strengthens hair, panthenol provides intensive moisture and caffeine stimulates cell metabolism and hair follicle growth. As a natural source of vitamins and minerals, seaweed gives the hair new elasticity, bounce and suppleness. With their innovative formulation, the four SP ReVerse products regenerates all hair types, including colored hair.

SP Regenerating Shampoo: The gently cleansing shampoo with highly effective vitamin complex has a regenerating effect and rebuilds the hair.
SP Regenerating Hair Spray Conditioner: The innovative spray conditioner with highly effective vitamin complex gives tired, weak hair new elasticity and fantastic shine. Hair becomes soft and supple and benefits from an intensive anti-frizz protection.
SP Regenerating Hair Mask: The deep-acting mask with highly effective vitamin complex regenerates stressed hair while providing an intensive anti-frizz protection. It also gives hair new elasticity, suppleness and fascinating shine.
SP 3-Minutes Hair Regenerating Pre-Treatment: This treatment with a highly effective vitamin complex is applied to dry hair before shampooing to regenerate and intensively protect the hair fiber. Hair immediately becomes noticeably smoother and easier to comb.

Together with the new product line, a 3-stage premium service will be added to the Wella Salons, which achieves noticeable anti-stress effects in just 15 minutes: exclusive special service Regeneration. It provides tired hair with the invigorating vitamin complex of SP ReVerse.

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