Monday, 25 June 2018

Ready for Summer with ANTI BRUMM!

ANTI BRUMM thanks to its many years of experience in the field of mosquitos protection is a truly iconic product in the Swiss market. Travelling takes us to exotic destinations where we surely live unforgettable experiences but at the same time we want to make sure we do not contract tropical diseases transmitted by mosquitos such as malaria, denque fever or the Zyka virus. There are no zero-risk zones in the world but only low-risk areas so also due to the increasing spread of tiger mosquitos in Switzerland the demand and need of effective mosquito protection has grown considerably. ANTI BRUMM has the most effective insect repellant solution for any situation!
For Summer 2018 ANTI BRUMM is bringing us some brand new products starting with the ANTI- BRUMM Kids. Thanks to the new protection spray formulated specially for kids little ones are well protected. The Full ANTI BRUMM range include: ANTI BRUMM FORTE, ANTI BRUMM NATUREL, ANTI BRUMM NIGHT, and ANTI BRUMM ANTI-TIQUES.
Now ANTI BRUMM protects us also while sunbathing with the SUN 2-in-1 protection range. The SUN 2-in-1 range is the perfect solution for optimal protection for the whole family with products that give you protection against mosquitos, thicks and the sun! The SUN 2-in-1 range includes: SPRAY SPF 50, LOTION SPF25 and AFTER SUN LOTION.

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