Monday, 9 December 2013

Clinique BB cream versus Clinique CC cream

Some of you have asked me if I could do a review on the Clinique Moisture Surge CC cream, so I decided to do it while comparing it with the Clinique BB cream.
I have tried both so I feel I can give my opinion on them.
First I would like to say that I have a combination skin, and  I never wear foundation as I dont like the heavy made up look , so the Clinique BB cream when  first came out seemed like the ideal choice.
I started to use it daily after my 3-step Clinique system. 
The BB cream is quite creamy in texture and gives you full coverage with a matte finish and covers minor imperfections. It also has a SPF so that is also a plus! 
Of course when the Clinique Moisture Surge   CC cream came out I couldnt not try it!
I confess I prefer the CC cream to the BB cream as I found it works better for my skin, it gives me a light coverage, doesnt feel heavy or greasy and blends nicely.
It gives me a really natural look, but brings radiance to my skin. The CC cream which stands for colour correcting also works on correcting dullness, sallowness and redness.
It is oil free and also has SPF. I love the CC cream !! I must say the BB cream also worked nicely on my skin but I prefer the radiant look and the lighter coverage that the CC cream gives me as I love the natural look!

So which one to choose?

For those of you who only have minor imperfections and who want a thicker coverage, like creamier textures and a matte finish I would recommend   the Clinique BB cream.

For those of you who like a lighter texture, a moderate finish and like luminosity to the skin I recommend the Clinique CC Cream.

Both have SPF and are available in various shades, I think they are both good value for money as you dont need to use a lot of product, as a pea-sized amount will do the job and a tube will last you a long time.

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