Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream and Aromatic Mist Patchouli & Fresh Rose

This post is to review two wonderful products that I use from Kiehls.
The Ultra facial Cream and the Aromatic Mist Patchouli &  Fresh Rose.
First of all I will start with the Ultra Facial Cream which in this case is also part of the Limited Edition  Kiehl's & Haze Collection.
I have been using this cream daily , the texture is quite light but it soothes my dry skin so well!
As I told you before I live in the mountains in cold Switzerland and this cream really helps me battling the cold  by keeping my skin moisturized for 24 hrs.
From the same Kiehl's & Haze limited edition range you will also find the body lotion and body butter.

The Aromatic Mist Patchouli & Fresh Rose

After the success of the line Aromatic Blends, Kiehls decided to launch this new scent Patchouli & Fresh Rose  this year!
Could I miss out? Of course not!
I love this mist! The mist is  a luxurious fusion of Patchouli and Rose with hints of bergamot and mandarin orange.
I love the fresh petal-like notes of Rose mixed with bright, woody notes of Patchouli.
From the same range you will also find: body cream and the body cleanser. All of which I can't wait to try!!!
If you are still short of ideas for Christmas I would recommend  The Aromatic Mist Patchouli & Rose as it would make an ideal gift !

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