Friday, 14 March 2014

AZIZA ZINA dresses the Volvo girls at this year Geneva Motor Show

The fashion of Aziza Zina expresses a classic, modern eelegance and this year the Swiss Fashion house had the pleasure to dress the Volvo Girls for the Geneva Motor Show!
Over 130 pieces were made especially for the Volvo female staff.
The colour scheme chosen was black and a light purple. The outfits consist of two versions: black leggins with modern leather inserts paired with a light purple corset also with leather details that match perfectly those of the leggings!
The other version consists of a light purple buttoned skirt paired with a simple yet chic black crewneck top. The girls were all wearing trendy spectacles to complete the look !
I think the look of the Volvo girls is by far the best in all the Motor Show as it is modern and on trend with the use of light purple and leather inserts !
I am also wearing  a wonderful Aziza Zina dress with leather details and top !

For more info on Aziza Zina collections please visit their website: