Monday, 10 March 2014

Mode Suisse 8th of March 2014 - 5th Edition in Zurich

I had the great pleasure to be invited to the 5th Edition of Mode Suisse which was held in Zurich on 7th and 8th of March 2014.
This event is a wonderful chance for new Swiss Designers and more established ones to show their creations.
This year Mode Suisse organized two further events one in Paris and one in London.
In Zurich the location chosen for the 5th Edition was the Puls 5 in Zurich with the showroom in Limmathalle just a few metres away.
The shows I had assisted were those of : Studio Winkler,  Kazu, Niria Frey, Marc Stone, Lyn Lingerie, En Soie, Sandro Marzo and Lela Scherrer.
The designers showed a lot of vibrant colours at Lela Scherrer and Kazu but also looks in total black and leather as at Niria Frey.
I particurarly liked Studio Winkler Black /white and grey trench coat !
Of course the royal blue dresses on show at Kazu caught my eyes, also because the dresses were paired with trendy sneakers shoes.
I also enjoyed the dog on the catwalk at En Soie he certainly seemed at ease and enjoying the limelight!
Next edition of Mode Suisse will be held in Zurich in Autumn.

Studio Winkler


Niria Frey

Lyn Lingerie

En Soie

Lela Scherrer

The showroom

Studio Winkler


  1. Great photos dear!Love the post xx

    1. Hi Sonja !
      Thanks so much ! Glad you liked it!

  2. How fun. I love your jacket by the way.
    xx, michelle