Saturday, 1 March 2014

Lush American Dream Conditioner

As you can see I have long colour treated blonde hair so I really need a good working conditioner.
I decided to try Lush American Dream conditioner, because I am a vanilla lover!
The name and its fame caught my attention and I was positively impressed.
American Dream is made with fresh fruits & juices , honey and herbs. It also contains honey rose that helps the skin & hair to lock in moisture and protects from damage. The oranje juice adds gloss.
The strawberries and cream fragrance smells amazing !
This conditioner left my hair soft and shiny and with a fab vanilla smell  so I will definetely recommend it !
It is also worth mentioning that American Dream conditioner comes in various sizes  and if you like me are always on the go or travelling you will appreciate the travel size one.

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