Saturday, 1 March 2014

Purelosophy natural drinks

If you know me from my Instagram you probably know that I am a fan of Purelosophy natural drinks.

Wellness of Switzerland!

Purelosophy drinks are natural with:
-no artificial sweeteners
- no additives
- no preservatives
Just crystal clear Alpine water and selected plants extracts!
I don't know you but I lead quite and hectic life so I sometimes feel unsettled , stressed and these drinks help me to make me feel relaxed, purified and energised.
They are a pleasure for the body and soul and help you to restore your inner balance.

Purelosophy drinks come in three variety:


This drink is ideal when you need to unwind or just need an help to relax.
The blend of lemon balm, lavender, chamomile, peppermint plus fresh juice of lemon , kiwi and pear brings you calm and tranquillity.


This drink helps you to get back on track , for example after exercising or in case of overindulgence.
Aloe vera, artichoke, dandelion, carcuma, fennel, nettle, plus lime grape help you to cleanse and purify your body.
It is scientifically tested that the whole grape cointaned in this drink helps with physical recovery.


This drink will help you get through a busy day or anytime you need that extra push.
It helps you release your natural energy and boost natural alertness.
Fruit juices of tangy grapefruit and fragrant passionfruit, and through the energising power of guarana, cola nut, ginseng, green tea it gives you a sustainable vitality boost.

You can buy Purelosophy drinks online on:


or in Switzerland at Jelmoli and Confiserie Sprüngli.
In England at Harvey Nichols
In Italy at La Rinascente
And you can also find Purelosophy drinks in selected luxury hotels such as :
-Badruttspalace Saint Moritz, Switzerland
-Arosa Kulm Hotel, Switzerland
-Park Hyatt Hotel Milan, Italy
-Mandarin Oriental Paris, France
-Langham Hotel NYC, USA

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  1. i'm so happy ive just stumbled across this blog post!! im allergic to artificial sweeteners, so this has made me so excited and i can't wait to try them! id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx