Friday, 20 February 2015

Living Lalique the new feminine fragrance from Lalique

I was so happy to attend the presentation of the new perfume by Lalique "Living Lalique" in Zurich.
Already a fan of Lalique's perfumes I am already in love with Living by Lalique.
A bold fragrance, reflecting the urban, contemporary, active life of the Lalique woman.

"A moment of emotion. A flight of swallows. A window opening onto a world of timeless luxury".

In the advertising campaign we see a representation of the Lalique woman: cosmopolitan, elegant and classy. The art deco window is the same in all three pictures but the cities in the background changes..cosmopolitan New York, stylish Paris and urban London with the Swallows flying in the sky. Superb!


A dream-like fragrance, sculpted from materials as luminous as crystal.
A soaring fragrance, inspired by the elegant swallow Lalique has chosen as its emblem.

Living Lalique starts off with effusive, crystalline notes of bergamot, sparkling black pepper, sweetly aromatic nutmeg and  majestic iris is at the heart of the fragrance.
Richard Ibanez who signs Living Lalique  in order to showcase the modernity of this timeless refined note has softened it with an accord of vanilla and almond-scented tonka bean.
The woody accents of the iris together with the smokiness of the vetiver the sandalwood and the warmth of the Cashmere wood give life to a really sophisticated fragrance.

The bottle of Living Lalique as always  with Lalique's fragrances is absolutely gorgeous and was inspired by the ribbed design of the "Carnette fleur" model, and Art-Nouveau style bottle created in 1911 by René Lalique.
The bottle has a heavy glass bottle which emphasizes its majesty, the metal ring that goes around the collar has the name of the fragrance engraved on it and the cap well frankly for me this is the best bit  as it features Lalique's  emblem the swallows. The box is also in Art Deco style and is adorned by the golden swallows, set against a delicately embossed white background.
The Eau de Parfum bottle is available in 50 and 100 ml.

Living Lalique is also offered as Extrait de Parfum the noblest and most highly concentrated form of the fragrance with an even richer measure of orris butter. It is proposed in two outstanding presentations: a precious crystal bottle and a very exclusive limited edition of twelve crystal bottles decorated with gold leaf.

In the crystal bottle the transparent Swallows motif is set against a sandblasted crystal background. A stylized iris bouquet showcases the fragrance's starring ingredient on the stopper.
The crystal bottle is cointained in a luxurious white diamond-shaped coffret, inspired by Lalique's jewel boxes.

The prestigious Edition of twelve crystal bottles  are decorated with gold  leaf. The bottle also features four sandblasted crystal "windows" adorned with swallows covered in gold leaf, separated by crystal ribs. For the delicate gilding operation, Lalique called on the Ateliers Gohard. The 22.5-carat gold leaf is then applied according to the gelatin technique, which gives maximum brilliance.
The diamond-shape coffret is made of white lacquered wood with a matt finish. Circled with a gold metal band engraved with the name of the fragrance, the coffret is crowned with the seal of Lalique.

Available in Switzerland
From March 2015

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