Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stop to hair breakage thanks to the new L'Occitane Body & Strength scalp essence!

We all have experience hair breakage from time to time and it is good to know that L'Occitane is coming to our rescue with the Body & Strength  Scalp Essence.
It is a revitalizing serum which helps stimulate the scalp and limit the fall of fine and fragile hair due to breakage. Fantastic!

The formula made with 5 stimulating essential oils and strengthening amino acids, gives body and strength to the hair.
If you combine it with a scalp massage, the serum will also help stimulate the microcirculation and limit hair fall due to breakage.
The hair will look and feel stronger and revitalized from the roots to the end and its effectiveness is proven with 4 times less hair fall.

The serum comes with a practical directional spray dispenser which makes the application quite easy. Just massage the serum on your scalp, trying to make a light pressure with your fingertips to enhance microcirculation, comb and then rinse. You can use it on dry or wet hair, I would recommend once a day or for an intensive treatment twice a day. See improvements from the first application! I am really impressed and I would like to recommend it to anyone with fine and fragile hair wanting a boost.
L'Occitane Body & Strenght Scalp Essence is part of L'Occitane new Body & Strength range launching mid March and comprising also of Body & Strength Shampoo and Body & Strenght 1-minute intensive care.
The range thanks to  5 essentials oils such as: Juniper, Ylang Ylang, Cypress, Cedar and Rosemary is formulated to help strenghten hair and reduce hair fall and breakage.

L'Occitane Body & Strenght Range
 will be available from
Mid-March 2015
 at L'Occitane stores and on

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